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BOOK REVIEW: “Go Set a Watchman” By: Harper Lee

I recently read Harper Lee’s new book ” Go set a watchman” and have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you.The book itself was an easy read filled with many thought-provoking passages. For those of you who have read ” To kill a Mockingbird” and were looking forward to another book by Harper Lee that was just as wonderful I must say that I myself was a little disappointed. Though her new book is a wonderful book that has lots of important things to think about in it but it  fell a little short of what I was expecting and this is probably do to my great love of her first book. For those of you who have not read ” To kill a Mockingbird ” yet, I advise that maybe you read this book first then her first one so that you do not feel that same let down.I really did enjoy the book though especially how it made me think about how much home means to a person and how when things are altered in out lives it can tear us apart. This book like ” To kill a Mockingbird also faces racial issues in the South… seeing Scout battle with her family, herself and against everyone she has ever known is heart breaking and Harper Lee writes so that you feel  Scouts pain in your own heart.My greatest complaint about the book would probably be that it didn’t really go somewhere much it took a while to build and then it did get exciting but it kinda stayed in one place. My biggest complement of the book would probably be the rich use of vocabulary that made you feel the emotions of the characters and visualize the scenery.On would recommend this book if you have read ” To kill a Mockingbird” and enjoyed it and if you like book where the emotion is felt deeply. Out of ten stars I would give it an 7 only because I was really disappointed in it compared to ” To kill a mockingbird”.

Let me know your opinion on the book if you have read it or if you have any comments or questions.Also check out my Tumblr and Pinterest.

-Eva M.M.



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