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Thoughts on ice cubes.

Today I woke up and was thirsting for a nice tall glass of ice water. So I went downstairs and found the biggest mug I could and filled it to the brim with ice then let the water fall in between the cracks.It made me think about life. Everybody needs water to survive and we all have those moments when we are thinking: Oh what I would do for a tall glass of water. Water is life-giving. and ice is the same thing as water only in a different formation. But I was thinking about how the very essence of something we all need to live is even better when simply altered. How that could be said for a lot of things in life. On a hot day you might crave water but chances are it is not a glass of lukewarm water but rather one filled to the brim with ice cubes.It is amazing what a refreshing difference that can make to alter the form of something and be even more pleased with the results. Sometimes we have a plan for ourselves of for something in our lives and we become disappointed when things do not go by that plan… sometimes things get off track.. altered from what we original intended. But we must learn to see that sometimes this is even better than we had envisioned.That life can be blistering hot in the heat of the moment when we find ourselves engulfed in anger and frustration because everything seems to be going in the opposite directions of what we wanted it to be… we must learn to see that instead of a glass of water we are being given a opportunity to take what we were given and make it a glass brimming with ice water. ice cubes are everywhere in our lives. There so help us be more refreshed and see a new outlook on life. Will we ever learn to sit back and relax on a hot summer day with a tall glass of ice water?



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