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Book Review: ” The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.” By: Annie Dillard

This book review will be a little shorter then my first one because although I could go on for hours about this books I could never convey to you enough about it to make you understand what a wonderful book it is so I will make it brief. Annie Dillard has a lot of insight into the hidden network of beautiful things that we all seem to miss on this earth. She can take the image of a water bug and a frog and compose something that sticks with you, chillingly, for days after looking upon those words. This book is also very deep and gives you a lot too think about and weather you are religious or not it had an interesting approach to the concepts of life, creation and  the idea of a god. What I liked most about it though had to be the fact that  it portrayed a reality of this world that many fail to see… that even I, a quite observant human being, tend to not notice. It reminded me that nature and art and life and beauty  are all wrapped up together in the same gift. You ought to read this book if you are into more philosophical and thought invoking things and/or nature, science or religion. On a scale of one to ten I would rate it a 7.

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