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Book review: ” The Valley of Amazement.” By : Amy Tan

download        Hey everyone so today I have for you another book review on a book that I read. A lot of you might have heard of this book or already read it , seeing as I am often behind on reading the newest books.   It’s called ” The Valley of Amazement.” and it’s by Amy Tan. I just want to start by saying I really loved this book and I think that you will to.This book is an emotional ride for the reader and I am almost careful not to use that term because I don’t want anyone to think it’s a bad book because of that. The very opposite  is true in fact. Amy Tan writes so perfectly and beautiful that you can feel what the characters feel.  Not only do you feel the  need to cry when they cry and scream in anguish as they scream in torment and anguish but also you feel that even if you never have or never will experience anything like the characters do you somehow understand the weight and reality of what they are dealing with. It connects you to humanity in that way. You begin to realize that though it is a story of fiction there are truly people out there who do endure similar things to what the characters are enduring and you feel the agony of knowing this. This sounds dreadful but I mean merely that it connects you to a reality you might not set your mind on often and then you realize that their is always something that you can do to help others. Not too mention you realize how grateful you are for the life that you have and the things that are yours and not having to wonder if you will live through another day.

          Briefly I want to summarize what the book is about for you benefit in deciding weather or not to pick it up. ” The Valley of Amazement” is about the life of a young girl tossed about by the evil twist of life. Growing up as the daughter of  Lulu Minturn, Violet Minturn was immersed in the life of business and the world of the “flowers”. Her mother owns a courtesan house called The Hidden Jade Path, and struggles with her own ghosts form her pasts. As the story develops and Violet grows older we see how these ghosts interfere with their relationship and Violet begins to believe that her own mother does no cherish her. By the plotting of a wicked man  Violet is sold into another courtesan house as her mother sails away, frantic, to San Francisco. The story then continues with Violet life as she grows older  and in the end ties together the journey of her life, her mothers life and the power of true undying love  that even an ocean and miles of land could not stop. 

         I know that was a weak and broken record of a description  but I hope that if you even slightly interested you go buy a copy and and read it because this really is one of the better books I have read in a long time and I read a lot of really good books. So on a scale of one to ten this one is a ten. I really cannot state enough how moving and sweet and wonderful this book is.

Thank you  for reading. If you have any more suggestions let me know the  comments  and please like and follow. 

– Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva.

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