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Halloween Memories: Episode 1.

               As part of the countdown to the spooky holiday I wanted to do a mini series of three or four posts about Halloween memories that  I had and be brutally honest about how things can end up versus how you thought they would go. Also to me it has always been interesting to look back on my life and think of how I have grown up, how my view on this world has been altered and how there are some things I just do not see the point in anymore. So , I present to you : Halloween Memories: Episode 1.

              This is the story of the first time I went trick or treating. I believe that I was eight at the time and my sister was five or six . At the time we had just moved into out rental house and we had made friends with our new neighbors quickly.They had a daughter about my age and we would hang out often.So for Halloween and our first time trick or treating  we went with our neighbor around the neighborhood and  joyfully filled our pillowcases with unhealthy amounts of candy.


       At that time Hannah Montana was the best costume idea I could think of and it just so happened that our friend had a long blond wig and a microphone so this was what I ended up going as. My little sister insists that she was a witch but I don’t remember and I think my friend also went as Hannah Montana but my memory isn’t 100% sure of this either. Apparently pillowcases are the best method to collect candy when your an eight year old craving every assortment of cavities there is on the market. I think I brought two whole pillowcases along and remember struggling  on our way home with the filled one overflowing and weighing me down and my half filled one dwindling as I ate my way back home. It was a new experience for me so I enjoyed happily chiming ” trick or treat”, and  I loved seeing everyone’s costume ideas walk past me on the sidewalks. I remember when we came to this one house at the end of the street this elderly man answered the door and followed by our usually ” trick or treat” , was surly no treat directly but a command. Now , if you are one of these people who makes the kids sing or do some sort of act before you give them their candy let me just say : STOP IT. They are kids and this is not a talent show night. Candy is supposed to be absentmindedly thrown into their bags without hesitation as to why. It is just how the holiday works so don’t ruin it for the innocent children , just  give them the chocolate. Well, this guy told me I could sing and get candy and I think we ended up just walking away because we figured the two pieces of Kit-Kats he would give us would not be worth the sound of a dying animal coming  from  our mouths.The candy we got that night should have lasted us at least a year and a half if we would have obeyed our mothers, only one piece of candy a day rule. I’m surprised it lasted us as long as it did though, us being children who had never been in the presence of so much candy at once. And we would trade our candy for the types we each liked better but when trading failed  I know that on my part I found my sister’s stash and stole what I wanted the most, hoping she would not notice. 

This is still to date one of the best Halloween’s I’ve had and I’m not sure if I can credit that to the candy companies or my youth but when you an eight year old trick or treating is still fun and worth it.

Thank you ( Let me know in the comments below about your first time trick or treating)

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

‘Me and the pen  we are one; If  its ink were to cease to flow  my ink would cease to flow.”



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