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Book Review: Club Fed: A true story of life, lies and crime in the Federal Witness Protection Program By: George e. Taylor Jr. and Clifford E. Linedecker

41SXYC2H74L._SX267_BO1,204,203,200_Today I have a very different book than the past ones I’ve reviewed to share with you. It’s my first non-fiction book I’ve reviewed since starting this blog and I hope it will interest you as much as it did for me. Now I really want this to be one of those cases where you committ to the old saying of ” Do not judge a book by it’s cover”, or necessarily it’s title.This book truly is a story that needed to be told and needs to be read by everyone. Now I’m no expert on how our Federal Witness Protection Program has changed since this book was published because that was back around 1998 when I was just a baby, but I can say for sure even if it has been greatly reformed their will still be problems here and there. But George tells of us of how bad it was back then and how his first hand accounts of the system’s flaws affected not only  his life but the lives of innocent people.I agree with him that the program is important and should not be destroyed entirely but I also agree that crazed murdered like Mad Dog(read the book to find out more), should not be given millions of dollars and a new identity and let loose to live next to unknowing people. When innocents are killed because the government set free ruthless killers for giving them information then something needs to be done,Like I said a lot of this could be changed for the better by now but even so I am appalled at how it was and I don’t know for sure how well it even has changed. In the past the general population was not aware of this and it seems even now we could be oblivious to the reality of it all. Men who were sentenced to life in prison getting out in under 6  years and that was time served in the programs units not general population. Life in the programs units was the high life for many, able to have  their own endless food supply of whatever they wanted and even wear fancy suits made from shark skins. I think that weather you are a big supporter of government based programs that can give criminals a second chance in order for some information to bring down gangs and drug trafficking or whether you think that the feds should find better means and not risk innocences lives I think this is a book you ought to read with an unbiased mind and be open to the message the book is putting forth. I’m rating this book a ten because it truly is one of the most horrifyingly beautiful books I’ve ever read and I’m both saddened and touched by it. George is able to walk us through his own life from drug dealer to snitch to hunted by his enemies both criminal and governmental.It’s a moving book about the flaws of both people and our government.

If you have a book you want me to review let me know in the comments below.As well as in input you have about this book or the program.

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

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One thought on “Book Review: Club Fed: A true story of life, lies and crime in the Federal Witness Protection Program By: George e. Taylor Jr. and Clifford E. Linedecker

  1. I personally knew George would like to remain anonymous . I can tell u he speaks the truth and his remains in turmoil because of the book. He is now 63 and I lost soul . The marshalls remain hinting him. I experienced that first hand.


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