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Halloween Memories: Episode 2

           lady_gaga_bubble_costume     Hey everyone, I have another episode of Halloween memories for you as part of the countdown to Halloween.This one happened when I was just a tiny twelve year old seventh grader. I must have a theme for wanting to dress up like singers because I choose Lady Gaga for this year. I have always admired her moxie and spunk and her creative, artsy style and self expression was part of the lure I had that made me want to be her for Halloween. I am still just as admiring of her work and her personality as I was then because of who she is a strong, daring female but then I was a serious LIttle Monster.The year before that my mom had gotten me and book about her.  One of my favorite things to do was look at all of her different costume ideas and imagine myself able to pull them off. One of my favorite was her bubble/balloon dress and this was the concept behind my costume idea. In my house our costumes were just made and compiled of whatever useful material we had lying around for the most part. We started with this smart concept to have clear balloons attached over a dress of mine but quickly the whole plan went downhill. It ended up being a red and black dress with three or four  large balloons attached to the shoulders and some sort of balloon hair piece that kept sliding out. In the end I looked nothing like what I had envisioned it to be but I still went out to the Halloween party that a girl from my class was hosting. I still had fun pretending to carve pumpkins,watching as others played just dance on the Wii and sampling the food supply. I remember we went on the trampoline and played truth or dare and I didn’t want to risk trying anyone’s dares so I said truth then answered the easy ones and chickened out of the harder one or just lied. I know that defeats the whole point of the game but I don’t always play by the rules and I like to keep a veil of mystery around me .I think the party was the day before Halloween and on the actual Halloween night I went trick or treating with my sister and a friend of ours around the neighborhood. By this time we had moved from the rental house closer to the epicenter of our lives. I had found a mask that was artsy and red and gold so It fit my costume I wore as we went around the town. I had to tell old lady after generous old lady who I was and then get many blank stares but still I had a good time. It’s funny how easily you get tired the older you get,and how less important candy is in the grand scheme of things because I went home with  a good half a pillowcase full, just glad to stop walking all around town, thirsty. I remember we were so thirsty by the time we get home and I cared more about drinking a tall refreshing glass of water than cashing in some more Kit-Kats. Overall it was a successfully unsuccessful year yet I still remember a lot about it to this day.,

Thank you ( Let me know in the comments below about a costume you planned that didn’t go as planned.)

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

‘Me and the pen  we are one; If  it’s ink were to cease to flow  my ink would cease to flow.”



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