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Halloween Memories: Episode 3.

       I know you are probably  very confused, wondering what is with the peanut butter jar? This was a costume for me. Yes, in the eight grade I took a piece of poster paper and created a cylinder with it. I then meticulously spent two hours copying every detail from a peanut butter jar onto the poster board, even though it looked really….off…. then I had my mom create straps and somehow after all of that I had still thought it was a good idea. All along I think I knew that it was not a good idea but I had my reasoning. My reasoning is part of a larger tale that I’m not positive I want to  delve into on the internet for anyone to read.To make the long story short , Peanut Butter, was a nickname  created for someone I had a “crush” on and dressing up as a jar of peanut butter was a way of feeling closer to this person. I do not need to be reminded that this is all quite strange and abnormal , I am well aware of that. I just felt like being a peanut butter jar was an interesting and creative costume choice to channel my adoration of this person through.

    My sister and I ended up going with my friend we had went with the year before ,this time with the fresh hope for candy. It did not take long however for the idea of the candy to wear away again and we were tired,wanting to go home. It was no fun especially for me because my sister and my friend would run to all of the houses , due to the shape of my costume ,however,I could not run without falling over. They had many laughs over that but I just wanted to go home, burn the costume and eat what little candy I did have. Finally,we got home and I think ,minus the burning, that is exactly what I did.

            This Halloween still has this odd hue about it though. It really was horrible and I wish I had stayed home in normal clothes I would not trip in but still I am glad I went out there. This is one of those memories of mine where I stepped outside of my comfort zone and hated it and still lived to tell. It was one of those instances that has taught me not to be afraid to take risks and do things that people may judge you for. Halloween is surly a holiday to do that, and maybe that is why even when it ends up badly like the year of the Peanut Butter Jar, I am still able to take delight in the festiveness and joking manner of the holiday. My costume was funky compared to the traditional ghost or zombie approach but even something as weird as my costume is excepted by a culture on Halloween. even a reject , a social pirah like me is welcomes and embraced for my oddities on a holiday like Halloween and I think perhaps that is why even in the midst of a terrible night I was able to feel alright.

Thank you ( Let me know in the comments below about why you personal believe you like to dislike Halloween and what it means to you.)

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

‘Me and the pen  we are one; If  it’s ink were to cease to flow  my ink would cease to flow.”



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