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Is there such a thing as a terrible book?

           I think we grow up with this concept that things have to be either bad or good  on one level or another.Since I do a lot of book reviews and reading is a huge part of my life I wanted to address this concept in relation to books. As a writer and observant person I have grown to despise this concept that their is such a thing as a bad book. Arguably there are books with odd plots or rather strange topic matters. I could list off many books that I have come across in my lifetime that I have sat and wondered… ‘ What is the point of this book?’ Never the less I think most of the time if someone is writing a book it is because it means something to them. We live in one reality but we all really live in our own little worlds consumed by what we see has the one golden reality. We all perceive the same things differently and this creates our world for us. When writing we our portraying what we see as out reality or what we wish could be our reality. Often times we go outside the bounds of most peoples reality and create a world that we can fantasize about safely from a distance without the costs of living in such a world. Worlds full of trolls and vampires are possible through the beauty of pen and paper.To thunk that what runs through someone’s mind is wrong or ugly is evil in the raw sense of the world. And even when I come across those books that I sit and wonder why they were ever written I still have this admiration for the mind of the person who wrote it.It takes a certain level of vulnerability to take your mind , empty your thoughts onto to paper and toss it out for the earth to devour. you never know who may come across your thoughts and your reality but by putting your reality out their you are opening yourself  up to not only criticism but also the distortion of your reality by others. I believe that this takes a lot of strength to be so open with who your are and how you see the world.Though I have come across a lot of books that I found strange or disagreed with and even vast amounts of books that I found boring , pointless and worthless : I have never found a book that I thought should be stricken from the records all together.When I rate books in my book reviews or comment on them I may make statements about y personal preference in books and hope to give you some advice on weather to pick that book up based off of my opinions. Yes, grammatically and editorially there can be confusion badly written books but that does no devalue what the author intended to say. Not knowing how to express  your thoughts in an eloquent , flowing manner does not discredit your reality or the weight of what you as an individual have to say.I know that in my broken verse I often have deep things to say but fail to paint them in a way that most people would understand. I have the creativity I just don’t have that organization and control in my writing that many wonderful authors do. And I am working on that … that will always be a struggle learning to hold back sometimes. I just want to let anyone who writes or  even just anyone who reads to realize the beauty that is embedded deep within almost every book every written. We can appreciate this beauty even when a book has bad grammar or we find the topic matter drab. This concept that everything has to be either good or else it’s automatically terrible on some level that we are taught from birth is very incorrect when it comes to reading and writing. 

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-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva.

‘Me and the pen  we are one; If  its ink were to cease to flow  my ink would cease to flow.”



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One thought on “Is there such a thing as a terrible book?

  1. Great blog post and fascinating subject for those of us who read and review. I agree with you that there are no bad books as such, and I write my book blog to encourage people to pick up a book I enjoyed, I would hate to be the reason that someone didn’t read a book. I think all books will be liked/loved by different readers. If a book just isn’t for me that doesn’t mean someone else won’t enjoy it. Like people, we keep searching for books that click with us.

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