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My dream last night: The Nude Beach.

Last night I had a really funky dream. Funky in the lost sense of the word, just peculiar and strange all together tied with a bow of laughter. It started out with my dream boyfriend and I deciding to sneak out to this nude beach that apparently was right next to the library. Obviously if you’re going to start a nude beach it will be by a building full of books, where young children may go for story time. Anyways, we were all ready to slide out of our clothes and shimmy into the cold water when we suddenly realize that there was a vet conference going on there. Rv’s and trailers full of animals were cluttered all around the lake and vets in white lab coats with stethoscopes around their necks walked from trailer to trailer. My mom in real life is a vet so this is where the dream took a strange turn…. If the way it was headed before was not already strange. I panicked and said, “Dude, we got to hide. I see my Mom and if she knows we are at a nude beach then she will kill me.”  So we end up hiding in a horse trailer next to this giant Clydesdale horse, afraid any, minute it will crush us against the side of the trailer. And what do you know in walks my mom to check up on that particular horse. So we somehow sneak out the bottom of the trailer(not really sure how that even works)… then we book it for this chicken trailer. Plugging our noses against the stench we are hidden between two rows of chicken crates for about twenty minutes. (Not sure why we didn’t just try and book it for the car and leave the scene entirely. Logic, who needs it, right?)Then of course out of all the vets there and out of all the chicken trailers my mother had to choose ours to enter. At this point I turn to my boyfriend and say,” Hurry we got to escape or else she will give you a chicken calendar.” This makes sense because my mom hands out these chicken calendars in real life. It does not make sense though because at this point in the dream I have now become more worried about my boyfriend being given a chicken calendar than us being caught trying to skinny dip at a nude beach next to our public library while there is a vet conference going on. Not sure how we actually escaped the chicken trailer but next we take our time holding onto the underside of different trailers as the vets walk by so that if they looked under there all they would see is grass and not two terrified teenagers. We end up in the library reading books about the history of nude beaches instead when I get a text from my mom asking if I would like to go to the library that day. I woke up wondering in what world would any of that ever happen and hoping that there are not two sneaky teenagers actually in that odd situation somewhere on this earth.

Thank you( Let me know in the comments below if you have had a dream where you were sneaking somewhere and almost got caught by your parents.)

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva.

‘Me and the pen  we are one; If  its ink were to cease to flow  my ink would cease to flow.”



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