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( Halloween Special )Book Review: ” The Witch’s Daughter” By: Paula Brackston

8694522 Hey everyone ,I am so happy to have this book review for you today. This book has been on my to read list and I decided to read it for Halloween but was afraid I would not have the time to read it all before today. I finished it two days ago  and let me thoughts steep and now am able to tell you about it.

In the book we follow the life of Bess Hawksmith through centuries of her immortality ;From her youth and loss of her family to the very end as she finally takes down her nemesis, Gideon. We see her suffer and we see how she finds renewal and  motherly love in a young girl, Teagan. Paula really knows how to take the emotions of human beings and intensify them in the life of a witch. Although I am not sure how many of us out there would call ourselves witches, I am going to guess that none of us have endured the trials and tribulations of Bess Hawksmith. Yet Paula finds a subtle way by using her beautiful language and raw understanding of the human condition to connect us through the centuries with a witch who is always on the run. Because of the intricate humanity and delicate animality so perfectly intertwined in this book I am calling in a nine on a scale of one to ten.

 I, personally have never had to face a evil man who was constantly trying to make me repay him for making me who I  am.  I am not having to facing eternal life full of sorrow , regret and grief. I am not in any of the situations that Bess is in and yet I understand and can have sympathy for her.Rarely do I come across a book that involves so much magic and fantasy ideas that I love this much. I am more of a reality portrayed in a raw, elemental way type of book gal. However,I found this book very alluring and I sped through it whenever I had some spare time to read. I think perhaps there is a lot more truth to it then one may first assume. Our world is not as simple and one dimensional as some would like us to believe. I am not sitting here saying it is possible to turn yourself into a butterfly to escape a man who has been chasing you for centuries. I am merely saying that perhaps there is more magic out there then we are aware of.

As today passes and time shifts on as it will I encourage you to look for this hidden magic. Think of life as a continuous treasure hunt for the things people tell you are not out there. Maybe you won’t find any women cooking up healing potions in the woods nine miles form you house. Maybe you will not find thousand of tiny woods fairies swarming your backyard in the twilight hours. Maybe you won’t ever come across the healing hands of a white haired women. But Maybe you will spend your whole life thinking that there is not something that really was engulfing you all along. Believing in wild, irrational things is part of what keeps us young and alive. And on another level it is what has made humanity what it is today. I think I want to make a separate post about this some day soon but think of all the crazy inventions we have. At some point those were not a thing. it was though the wild imagination and chaotic winding of peoples minds that those inventions came into existence. If you never believe; If you never dream; If you do not look for that hidden magic then nothing would ever be.So I want to let you know that if you are wanting to read a good, heart wrenching and wicked honest novel about our world, humanity, and what could be an alternate reality then pick up Paula Brackston’s ” The Witch’s Daughter.”

Thank You( Please let me know in the comments below if you have read this book and have any thoughts on it and if you have any book suggestions you would like me to read and review)

Wishing you the Happiest of Halloween’s. – Eva

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