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Song Anyalsis: ” You and I” By: Jeff Buckley

           This song has been on my I -pod for about a year now and yet for the longest time it was one of those songs I would rarely listen to. Recently it has become one of those songs I crave, listening to it every other night if not every night. I have always loved Jeff’s deep emotion packed lyrics and the sweet tone of his voice. Probably best known for his “Hallelujah” which appears on his album ” Grace”, however he is so much more than just that one beautiful song. His range of voice and his style of sweetly carrying you from one world into a gentle world of lyrical heaven are what I fell in love with in listening to his music. I will admit ” Hallelujah” was how I first became acquainted with his talent and to this day I will have spells where I listen to  ” Hallelujah” on replay over twenty times.The lyrics leave your body shivering… THEY SIMPLY ARE SO STUNNING. I want people to see this raw intensity of emotion that  Jeff has in more then just that one popular song though. He had so much more to give and if he had not died so tragically young I can only imagine what more he could have brought to this world.

     “You and I” is one of those songs that if you sit in the dark, wrap yourself up in your blankets , stuff yours ears with your headphones and close your eyes… You can feel yourself lift from the ground and fly through silken clouds. His voice feels like silk soothing against your skin. It transports you and each note wraps  itself warmer and closer around you. It brings you to this glade near a glass pool and you look down into it. You see sadness, this love filled sadness of things lost ,of people gone, of relationships that have vanished in the midst of all of the chaos. That chaos reflecting at you from that glass pool but all around you in the glade itself it is still and calm. Then he sweeps you back through those silken clouds and lays you down in a warm cocoon and you open your eyes.Honestly, that is what I feel every time I listen to this song. It makes me wonder why for so long this song was not one I would listen to often on my I-pod. Why was I passing up  such a beautiful and magical voyage?

I have put the lyrics below in black with a few more small comments throughout in the blue.

” You and I”     By: Jeff Buckley

You and I
Ah, the calm below that poisoned the river wild
You and I
Tears that dry on a rude awakened child
Could these lines be more beautiful……?….. Yes, Once you hear it they become even more beautiful.
Where you look down
I’ve walked before
Burning holes
With eyes of liquid brown
If we had only known
In a way
We wouldn’t reach this ground
You were my only home
Silver eyes
I want to see you shine
Silver eyes I want to see you shine: If a guy ever  genuinely says that to me I will marry him.
And we will feel the weight
Fall away from us in time
Searching our past for the true
You and I, you and I, you and I
When he sings this part( You and I) and his voice goes lower and lower and lower) Perfection!
All for you
Where you think you’ll fall
I adore you
Where you shut your soul
I will open for you
If we had only known
In a way
We’d never reach this ground
I’ll know
Silver eyes
I can see us shine
I said, we will feel the weight
Fall away from us in time
Searching our past for a true
You and I, you and I, you and I
All for you.
Seriously, could this song be anymore sweet and beautiful?
Thank you( Please let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the song and/or any future song analysis  suggestions.)
– Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva.
” Me and the pen we are one. If its ink would cease to flow my ink would cease to flow.”


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