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Memorable Books from my Youth: Part 2

download (7)” If you give a mouse a cookie” happened to be one of my brothers personal favorite books when he was younger but it is also one of my favorite.I think this is a quite popular children’s book so my bet is many of you have heard it before or maybe even  read it to your children.I think this book was so memorable for me for two reasons. One: Who does not want to read a book about delicious cookies and adorable mice who can clean…well,sorta. Secondly, I think it really stuck with me because I can relate and even to this day I have a stronger bond with books where I find I can relate to them in some way even if it is a quite distant way. My process is a lot shorter than that of the mouse in the book but it still follows a pattern. If you me and cookie I am going to ask for milk. if you give me a glass of milk I am going to ask for another cookie. See much shorter of a cycle but the same concept behind it (6)

The second book I want to mention today that I think is also a quite popular children’s book is ” Click Clack Moo cows that type”.I think for me personally this was a favorite because growing up as a young girl on a farm where we had cows and I had a wild imagination (I still do), this seemed almost probable.I think this book made me believe deep down that one day I would wake up and go to the barn and see our cows typing away and leaving little messages all around for my dad to find later. My mother had an electric blanket back then and I always wondered how the cows must have felt in the wintertime. It could be that I believed one day that blanket would actually go missing and we would find it wrapped around a cow in the barn net to an old typewriter. Once again you can see how I thought this was relatable to my life though I can’t recall these events ever actually taking place except for in my mind.

Thank you ( Let me know in the comments below any memorable books from your childhood or any thoughts on these books.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva.

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