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Book Review: Gangster By: Lorenzo Carcaterra

      When I decided to read this book I  was expecting this to be one of those books full of fighting either portrayed from the eyes of the victims or through the eyes of the gang leaders.I thought the tone of the book would either take gangsters and make them look like the ultimate bad guys or take  gangsters and glorifying them. Neither was really the case. Lorenzo’s approach to the book from page one is what made me want to read this book and not put it down.I do not want to ruin it but the book starts with the scene of Angelo Vestieri hooked to machines, lying weak in his hospital bed and Gabe(taken in by him when he was young) reminiscing with a woman he just met,Mary about their lives, Angelo’s life and the life of a gangster.You are shown not just the life the Angelo and his gang partner,Pudge lead but also the life that Mary and Gabe lead. You see not only the bitterness and danger of being a gangster but also the emotion of it, the loss , the anger, the sadness, the loneliness… and the fact that they can’t really express any of it.This book surely can be read just as a thrilling page turner and I do not dispute that however I will fight you on the idea that you can only read it that way. I found so much more the think about in these pages then just what Angelo’s next gang war move ought to be.This book is packed full of thought provoking statements and there is one I want to share with you that was towards the end of the book. ” There should be a private place in your heart that no one knows about ,no matter how close you are. A place no one should ever be allowed to see.” I am not entirely sure if  I agree with that or not. I have thought about it a lot before and I think if you had asked me a day or so ago I would’ve still been reluctant to answer but eventually said no.You should not be afraid to share who you are with anyone,especially those you are close to. Now, after reading this book and understanding things from the point of view of Angelo I believe that maybe it is not so wrong after all to hide away some section of yourself. No matter  what happens to you, whoever you meet and becomes friends with or grow up to marry and live with for the rest of your life… You will have that part of you all to yourself. Nobody will ever know. I find some real beauty in that and I think after you read this book you will be able to see it from that point of view to if you do not already hold that opinion.To conclude… this is a wonderful book and you ought to read it whether you’re just looking for a intense page turner or looking for the opportunity to learn how to see things from different perspectives. This book is a definite 8 for me and I hope you will agree.

Thank you( Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this book and/or any books you would like me to read and review.)

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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