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Memorable Books form my youth: Part 3

A_wrinkle_in_time_digest_2007       This first book is probably one that many of you have heard of even if you have never read it. Actually, I have been reading the rest of the books in the series this past year though I read ” A wrinkle in time” when I was younger.I must be honest ,I am not a huge fan of this book. I liked how it was peculiar and had to do with time travel. I say plenty of things everyday that are equally weird and true as the things that are said in the book. Still I have never really liked this book and I am not 100% sure why. Yet to this day it has been one of those memorable books from my childhood that I equate with the birth of my intimate relationship with words.

download (8)           The second book I want to mention today is also a very well known book from a popular series,” Little House on the Prairie.”Once more this book has never been a favorite of mine.It is worthy of being mentioned here for the sole reason of its ability to stick to my mind as the starting point of my reading life.As a young girl, I recall my mother reading it to us and getting it as a book on tape that we would listen to on the way to school.Now,as an older person looking back on those experiences I can see how hearing the stories come alive made me want to dive into them myself,forging this bond between book and young girl that has lasted.

download           Last, I want to mention a book that is not only a memorable book from my youth but also a book I loved. I read this book when I was in the 7th grade and unaware. I found out only after reading this book that anyone I know who had also read it started to have odd things happen to them after reading it. I had this happen to meas well. This is no joke. Nothing of the sort that happened in the book began to happen to me, but it was as if some spell was in those pages; odd events were unfolding in my own life days after finishing the book.I think for that reason alone you all ought to read this book.Honestly ,though despite the odd things that occurred after reading this book , it was one of favorite books from my younger days and I think you will really love it as much as I did.

Thank you (Let me know in the comments below about memorable books from your childhood and or any thoughts on these books)

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

” Me and the pen we are one. If its ink would cease to flow my ink would cease to flow.”



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