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Book Review: The Guinea Pig Diaries( My life as an experiment) By: A.J.Jacobs

            After reading such an intense book as ” Gangster,” I wanted to read something a little lighter and more humorous. For a while this book has been on my to read list  and now I am able to cross it off. This was the exact kind of book I need to take my mind out of the mindset it had been in , a more serious one, after reading Lorenzo’s book.  A.J. Jacobs writes for Esquire Magazine as well as publishing books on the side. His book about his experience reading the encyclopedic from A to Z is probably more popular then ” The Guinea Pig Diaries”.  Still if you are looking for a light, humorous but informative book I recommend this book for you.Though many of us would like to believe that we would have the time and the patience to go through with such grand life experiments, I doubt that many of us really would be able to handle it. This is why I am able to take delight in someone like A.J. taking the time to try and rationally decided upon a toothpaste or dress and act like George Washington. I know I would never last even a day with any of those experiments and so instead I read about  a man struggling to do it. It is fascinating though how by trying  a new lifestyle or implementing a new routine into your life you learn some important things about yourself and your life. Though A.J does not adapt his life permanently after each trial he does carry over some of the habits and ways of life he learns and acknowledged that it has made his life more rich for it. Whether you are looking for some light humor or some thought provoking ideas to enrich your life this book is for you. I really enjoy the style and airiness of his words and do recommend it for you to read though I am only giving this book a 5 on my rating scale.

Thank you(Let me know any thoughts on this book you may have in the comment below)

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva.

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