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The intimacy of belly buttons.

     For the context of my blog I am going to change the name and situation in which this post was inspired but still explain to you the way it inspired me.Today I was at the mall sitting on a bench ,relaxing for a bit before another power walk around the stores,realizing all the things I would love to have but don’t have the money for.This guy walked by ,glancing over his shoulder to talk with his friends his arms reached up enough so that he belly button was exposed. My eyes gazed like magnets at his belly button and then he was gone and I sat thinking about what I had just seen.I kept feeling like I needed to apologize to him like  I had invaded his privacy and then I was trying to figure out why I felt this way. I realized that it was because of the intimacy of belly buttons.If you think about what your belly button signifies, the cutting of your umbilical  cord that connected you to your mother in the womb. That alone is a very intimate thing,that bond between mother and child ,the giving a life. I think that yet another layer is added to the intimacy of belly buttons because of their location on your lower stomach above the natural dip into your genitals.This is a somewhat intimate location and chances are if someone has seen your belly button other than at the beach, you  are close with them.It seems odd,such a tiny part of our bodies can be such an intimate and symbolic thing but I realized today that they truly are a very personal and beautiful part of our bodies.

Thank you (let me know your thoughts in the comments below)

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen we are one. If its ink would cease to flow my ink would cease  to flow.”



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