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Book Review: The Fragile World By: Paula Treick DeBoard

Before I begin today I just wanted to say I was off the grid somewhat for the past week due to Thanksgiving and needing a break from life. It just so happened that my Birthday was on Thanksgiving this year so that was all the more reason for taking a break. I read a lot in that time though and had a lot of free time to think about things so I will have a lot of interesting posts for you soon. 🙂

I personally have never awoke at two in the morning to the chill of a life altering phone call. I have never has to find myself bombarded with the bewilderment and grief of the sudden loss of someone close to me. I can’t even tell you for sure how I would cope if I found out that someone I loved was suddenly dead– Dead when I had been dreaming away at night, shaken awake by that chilling phone call. I don’t think I would be strong enough tot just block it out, mourn for a couple of days and move on as if nothing had happened. I doubt I would handle it very well at all but I also do not believe I would let whatever circumstances brought that tragedy to happen consumes my thoughts forevermore. That is the paradox of what I am saying because I really do not know—How would I react? We all deal with grief differently and to think I could say exactly how I would deal with it before being put in such a situation, inevitably would be a lie. In “The Fragile World”, Paula shows us simultaneously the lives of Olivia Kaufman and her father, Curtis and how the death of his son, Daniel, effects theirs lives. Although we are only shown the story alternating between these two characters we are given a glimpse into how such a tragedy impacts life on a grander scheme. It is not only Olivia and Mr. K that are torn by Daniel’s death but anyone in the wave lengths of their lives. We also see how the grieving process of the characters intertwine to create new paths and further impact others lives. Paula shows us that grief a taboo and often ignored emotion has a more vibrant impact on our lives then we are aware. Nobody wants to believe that if tragedy hit they would lose control and surrender to the dark pit of sorrow within them, whatever form it would take. I think that “The Fragile World”,,offers us a suspenseful but raw, emotion filled snapshot of the realness of losing a loved one and the tragic but often true impact it can have on people. I think we all need to be more aware of this as well– Life ends—And when life must go on in the shadow of lost life, we battle with the question of: How?

Thank you( Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this book and grief’s implications)

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

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