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Book Review ” Massive” By: Julia Bell

I think we live in an age where we all find ourselves struggling with our image,weight and body types.It has become the normal way of life to wake up and get ready in-front of a mirror,primping ourselves for the day and trying to hide any flaws we may see.I have always liked the theory of getting dressed in the dark,away from a mirror and letting however everything turns out  your look for the day. Everything would be more realistic and natural then. I think we would learn quickly that a lot of the things we spend out mornings stressing over would go unnoticed by others or noticed and admired by others. We think its true that everyone at school with notice that we have not plucked out eyebrows in three months… And if they do notice it they really don’t care. My theory is if your going to change your opinion about someone based on the fact that their eyebrows hairs are a little shabby then you need to spend more of your own time not plucking your eyebrows but instead plucking away your sour attitude.Life really is short and I would hate to think that I missed out on skydiving or traveling to Peru because I was to busy lining my eyes with gook. Nothing wrong with makeup really if it makes you feel more confident that’s okay. I just think nowadays we are so immersed in that mindset of always trying to become a certain ideal image that we forget who we are as individuals.We have become brainwashed by time into believing we have to be thin or tan with blond wavy hair and this simply is not true. What does this lead to? This leads to situations like in Julia Bell’s book ” Massive.” Situations where people diet and diet and diet ,and call it a diet but all along it really is starvation.We allow this by putting up this concept of the perfect body… Let me tell you that their is no such thing. Spend your whole life chasing after perfection and you will only get to the end of the road and realize how much more imperfect you became through it. I would much rather be content with who I am, embrace the fact that I am perfectly imperfect and loving every minute of it. I think it is true that women struggle more with their bodies, accepting their weight and their curves. I just want to say though that this is a struggle for men to and more light needs to be shone on that fact. I also want to make it clear that although I am saying that you need to embrace who you are does not mean I am shaming people who are naturally and healthily  skinny.I think what I want to bring to light ,and what I believe Julia was trying to illuminate in ” Massive”, is the sheer bitterness of hating your own body.She beautifully weaves together the story of a mother and her daughter both struggling with their bodies. The haunting, skeletal descriptions and the sad feeling you as the reader get when you hear how they talk about themselves is heartbreaking.It is heartbreaking but true and that is why I really think you ought to pick up a copy of this book.This tale of growing up amidst the web of body shaming comments and turning into what you hated most, was a definite 7 for me.It will make your eyes water and your heart thump but hopefully it will also make you more aware and ready to reach out to anyone you know who may be suffering from an eating disorder. We need more books like this out there that show us how sad life is sometimes and teach us that we need to do all in our power to help make a difference.

Thank you ( Let me know in the comments below your thoughts and/or any books you would like me to read and review)

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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