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Memorable Books from my youth: Part 4

       The first memorable book from my youth that I want to discuss with you today is ” Everything on a Waffle”, By: Polly Horvath. I do not actually remember much about the plot of this book or the events that happened in it but I do remember one quote from it. That one quote is the only reason ,other then the amazing title , that this book is part of this post.

“All my life I had wanted to travel but what I discovered that year was that the things that you find out become the places that you go and sometimes you find them out by being jettisoned off alone and other times it is the people who choose to stand by your side who give you the clues. But the important things that happen to you will happen to you even in the smallest places…”

That quote found me at the most important moment in my life. I was in a place where I felt lost and clueless and all I wanted to do was runaway to my own,secret hideaway. I still often find myself there and this quote brings a certain layer of comfort to me… This is why I love literature because it speaks to you in away most things can’t.This is why this book will forever be a memorable book from my youth.

      The second book I wanted to highlight today is ” The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place,” By: e.l.konigsburg. I remember a lot more about this book, the plot being clear is my mind and a lot of the events still vivid. The main section from this book that speaks to me though was in the very beginning when the main character is at camp and has to deal with a sassy camp leader.The passage talks about the three we’s. We used in it proper sense,the royal we’s and the last one can’t remember. The passage though made me think a lot about how people use words to sometimes say things that are not maybe what we seem to be directly saying.It has long been a memorable passage ,in a overall wonderful book ,from my youth.

      The last book I want to mention today is ” The Underneath,” By Kathi Appelt. This book did not have one major passage or quote that has stuck with me from the time I read it but it is on this list because overall I loved this book.I have read it at least three times…most recently sometime earlier in 2015.The story -line of the book is very heart-wrenching and heart-warming all at once.It speaks of hate,love,and the bonds that can be created and destroyed by both. It is more then one tale woven together perfectly,poetically and bitter-sweetly. I recommend you pick up a copy no matter what age you are because it was not only a memorable book from my youth but also a memorable book from my young adulthood.

Thank you( Let me know in the comments below any thoughts on these books or any memorable books from your youth)


-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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