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Photographs I love :Punks not dead and running on the beach.

I have two more photos from my Pintrest Photography/Art/Dance/Modeling Inspiration board to share with you today. They both have a very different vibe but get at similar feelings to me and I think the message behind both of them works for what I want to say today.

         The first photo is a black and white photograph of three punked up teenagers.One of them is standing on the ground sporting a jacket proclaiming that “Punk Is not dead.”The other two are sitting on the room with what appears to be beer bottles setting next to them.flashing their mo-hawks for the camera. The first impressions I get form this photograph are these men are rebels.They are going against the norm. They are making a statement, and they are boldly making a point that punk is not dead.Why I really love this photograph though is because of the freedom behind it all. It is not only saying that punk is not dead but that these men do not find themselves bound by the constraints of society.They will act freely,according to how they see fit. If they so wish to sit on the roof sporting funky mo-hawks then they will. They are not only living proof of a way of life that has not gone extinct but also of the strength to be free when everyone is trying to hold you back. That is why I admire this photo and that is why it is a part of this post tonight.

       The second photograph I have for you gives a very different first impressions. It is in color and shows a  woman running along the shore,  surrounded by a flock of birds.Yet I feel like the heart of this photo is once more about this ability to be free.In this photograph,however, I get the feel of a less restricted freedom though.With the first photo it was almost as if they were free in the midst of a world who did not want them to be free. In the photograph of the woman running along the beach it feels more like freedom in its natural essence,  unrestrained,unconstrained,bubbling forth from some source that nobody can truly pinpoint.Though there is a different hue to the two photos they are still jabbing at the same core point: That it is okay to be free and that when you allow yourself to live and color outside of the lines you will live a life more vibrant beauty and freedom.


Thank you ( Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on these photographs and any photos you think I should mention)

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen we are one. If its ink would cease to flow my ink would cease to flow.”



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