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Book Review: Canoeing with the Cree By: Eric Sevareid


      download When I made the decision to read this book it was purely out of my curiosity to why two young boys would ever want to make such a journey. The book had laid on my shelf for over a year at least since my mom bought it for me, thinking it would be the type of book I would enjoy. I had not picked it up for the longest time because I was believing it not to be my type of book. I think in some ways we were both wrong. It proved to not be my type of book yet a book that I did find a lot of enjoyment in. I would call this book a six on a scale of one to ten but I hope that does not discourage any of you from picking up a copy. A book that I call a six could be a ten for you. The reasons that I did end up enjoying this book are because of it’s simple call to nature. It is easy for us nowadays, when we live in a world of technology, to forget what is right outside our windows. We may not all be brave enough or strong enough, not to mention have the time, to canoe from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay(a journey of 2,250 miles), but we all should be able to find our own ways to connect with the great outdoors. I think this book has even more relevance in our day in age for this reason. Many of us do not have the resources or the drive to go out and live adventurously. We may be the type of people who dream of climbing mountains and white water rafting on Wednesdays but we never actually initiate those dreams.”Canoeing with the Cree,” is a reminder and a statement to all about taking that step to be one with the source of humanity. The road will be rough and chances are there will be moments where we question why we ever decided to take that trip into the wilderness… If two young boys can take the journey that they did then we we can take ours as well.

    In the book, however, I was struck by how they not only took a very physical journey, that of 2,250 miles by canoe, but also there inner journey. To me it was more about their journey from late teenage years into adulthood. This is something many of us are struggling with right now, therefore, this story not only becomes a story of adventure but a story of learning to mature and take on the responsibilities of this world.

       If your looking for a true adventure packed story that inspires you to connect with nature and reminds you that the road to adulthood will not be easy but will be amazing, then I recommend this book to you.

     Thank you( let me know your thoughts in the comments below and/or any books you would like me to read and review.)


-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva


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