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Life in the fast lane.

Life in the fast lane naturally appeals to many people. We have this need for speed and this desire to slam our feet down and put the pedal to the metal.We smile when we get to 70 mps speed limit when we have been in a 55 one for over an hour. We find enjoyment in finishing a race first and plan out lives out so that we are thinking of what is next. This need for speed is something all humans have to some extent but I do think it also depends on the culture one lives in. I am talking,not only,about the culture of the country one lives in but also the culture they create for themselves by the things they do, the people they interact with and the things they hold as true.

In modern day America, it had become the norm to live your life in a hurry. Even when we do take the time to slow things down and simmering in what life has to give for us, we still are trying to race onward. I think this has become a very big problem for the next generation especially, and as being part of this next generation that is growing up immersed in this need for speed, I can tell you how problematic it is. When all life has become is a race to see who can do the next big thing or who will get their work done the fastest and win the extra bonus ,then I believe ,your life begins to shift from being a life where you go to work ,to a life of work.Though we see this no only in adults and their work ethics. We see this just a prominently in students with their homework and sports lives. It is a delicate balance between waking up in the morning;rushing to school;watching the clock tick by, wishing it went faster; and then rushing to whatever after school activities you have. We then have a world full of intelligent children,tired and restless, up till two struggling,weary-eyed over their next essay, worried about making it in the future. We all have our eyes set on the future. Will they make it in college, their career,their families someday? How will it all turn out?The problem is when you are busy speeding in the fast lane you don’t notice the trees as you go by. Life becomes nothing but a blur, a smudge on the canvas that holds a priceless painting.As you whiz by and feel that adrenaline pump though your veins you may find yourself overjoyed for coming in first.You may be excited about  getting to your doctors appointment in the nick of time when you thought you would be late .You may find that excitement but then as your racing mind is trying to shut down for the night and your trying to fend off the lasting affects of the four cups of coffee you drank throughout the day, you realize, life in the fast lane is stressful. Life in the fast lane only does one thing well.Your late: you go faster and hopefully you will get their faster. You want to win first place: You go faster and hope to finish first. Life in the fast lane will get you to your destination quicker.

Ultimately, we all have one final destination and that is death. You won the race. You made it to your appointment on time. You finished your essay at two in the morning after cramming for hours. So?– IS YOUR LIFE MORE ENJOYABLE NOW? ARE YOU HAPPIER?WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN THAT CRUSHED NOT TO HAVE WON FIRST PLACE? COULD NOT NOT RELAX AND WAIT A LITTLE LONGER BECAUSE YOU WERE LATE? COULD YOU NOT HAVE TAKEN MORE TIME ON THE ESSAY AND LEARNED MORE WHILE WRITING IT? So– You lived your life in the fast lane and you only got their quicker. In the end though, life in the fast lane only gets you to the grave quicker.

You will miss out on so much if you do not savor what you have been given. I think we all sometimes need to step back and say ,” I refuse to meet this deadline,not because I am lazy but because if I meet this deadline. I won’t have time to go out and meet somebody new. Anybody new that could show me something beautiful in this world.I could miss out on a gem shining somewhere because I am stuck at the office trying to meet a deadline.”People think this is impossible because we live in a world where if you try and do that you most likely will get fired and you cant get fired cause then you will not be able to feed your family. I guarantee you that this system only works because we have let it work. We have let it become the norm to have to meet deadlines and we can change it.Though I may seem like a foolish,ignorant youth I know that it is possible. The problem is nobody is slowing down and trying to create a world where we understand our lives and see each stroke of the brush upon the canvas. The problem is we don’t see the colors of the sky. The problem is we don’t see the emeralds and the rubies, the deep purples and the pulsating blues. We see a smear–we see a blob of what we have been told is reality. the problem is we live our lives in the fast lane–born–blur–death.

Thank you,

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-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

” Me and the pen,we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”





I am the author of and am currently working on a book of poems. To find out more check out my about me page as well as my page about my blog and welcome to the ink angels community.

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