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My ” Sharks” board on Pinterest.


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I do not think I need to defend this board as much but many people have found ways to criticise even this seemingly innocent board.The question many people have is : Why would you want to have a board for sharks? My answer usually confuses them because too

many sharks are seen as terrifying and vicious creatures and I think because of this it is hard for them to respect and understand why I would want a whole board dedicated to them.

I have always seen sharks as strong,beautiful and enduring creatures and I wanted anyone who followed me or came across my boards to admire the sleek and striking creatures in a new light.I wanted their strength to shine though. I wanted people to look at them swimming in the water or jumping in the air to snatch a fish and not feel the fear that these creatures are famous for instilling in people. Movies like Jaws have created this fear to an even greater extent than what many people would naturally feel inclined to have. I wish it was widely known that most sharks attacks that do happen are not pure aggression but rather mistakes or the animals need to protect themselves. And as I have posted on my sharks board before, you are more likely to die from icicles ,getting into your car everyday,getting stuck by lightening and yes getting hit by a deer… than a shark attack. On a yearly average only about five shark attacks even happen and most end up being survived. You should not fear something so majestic. Honestly, sharks are beautiful and that is what I am trying to capture on my sharks board and hope that those who view it begin to understand.

Thank you ( Let me know your thoughts in the comments below)

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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