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Book Review ” Remember me?” By:Sophie Kinsella

I know it has been a long time since my last book review… it is not that i haven’t been reading good books or been wanting to share those thoughts with you ,but rather that I haven’t formulated the right string of words to share with you.I hope that today’s post is one  we all can really look forward to then because I personally DEVOURED this book. If there are any ” Confessions of a Shopaholic” fans out there then you will love this book as well, written by the same,wonderful author.Though “Confessions of a Shopaholic” had a more humorous air to it while this book was more of a mind prober and heart twister.

It is hard to imagine waking up in the hospital one day,disoriented and confused to begin with ,but then soon told that it is a different year then what you expected.Imagine waking up tomorrow is a white plastered hospital room,seeing the machines off the the side and the old hospital couch next to you and wondering: How did I get here? Imagine then being told it was 2019 when you still thought it was 2016.Imagine the perplexity on your face and the disbelief in you heart. Not only have you completely forgotten three years of your life due to an accident but you also have no idea who you now are. You are completely different from the you that you remembered. You soon realize you are married, you are rich, you now have a fit body and beautiful hair. It is as if your mind and heart were picked up and placed into a totally different person in the future… And everyone around you is acting like they know you.They know you… Your husband, your new friends, everybody knows you but then only people you recall are the one’s you knew three years ago. Yet you struggle to deal with how even they have changed, your little sister not so little anymore, or the new look of your mother,aged even further by time.It would be impossible to cope with yet you are now about to be released and have a choice to make. Will you go home and live with your mother for awhile or will you move in with your husband who is a complete stranger to you?Wait! Does the fact that your now filthy rich and married to a filthy rich, hot ,man of your dream guy sway your decisions any further. What would you do?And what would you do when you learn that the life you learn had become yours is really not such a dream life after all? What would  you do when you learned that the friends you had three years ago hate you because you became their boss and turned into a real B? Well, it is all okay because at least you have the perfect angelic husband who is there for you as you battle trying to learn who you had become in the last three years of your life. Then you see even that become shattered, learning that maybe your husband does not really love you and that deep down you never really wanted to change. What caused you to change is a question you find out in the end , and your finally get your memory back. Your memories triggered not by the man you had married but by the joy of things you could never have believed. In the end , you do begin to remember and it is when you begin to remember that you learn not only where you were in the past but also where you want to go in the future.Imagine that and you will sort of  get an idea about this wonderful book.

I tried not to give to much of it away but even if I gave away the general concept the emotion is within the pages and this book being a 10 for me, is a must read.The layers of heart-knots are extreme because you at first want the outcome to be one thing but as you journey along with the character you begin to believe that another course would be more fitting. You find yourself pulled around in this state of utter bewilderment, as the character herself must feel placed into a life she does not recognize.The thing is life can be like this sometimes. Sometimes we forget who we are and we stand a little lost about how we got from point A to point B. It can be a messy business waking up every morning and falling into this routine called life.But it is those beautiful moments and those precious interactions with people that show us who we are, how we traveled from those two points and where we ought to go next.Is life a series of questions beginning with,” Do you Remember me?”

Thank you,

Let me know your thoughts on this book or this post in the comments below and/or any books you suggest I should read.

-Wishing you the most memorable of days,Eva

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