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12 Stages of tired(Stage 5)

I am so tired I feel like my eyes are melting.

Yeah,this is a hard one for even me to comprehend sometimes but I have definitely been in this stage before. I can tell you that it’s easy to fall into the first couple of stages or hit the last one’s but it the middle stages that you rarely find yourself trapped in. Yet even I have been here before, that moment when your eyes feel like they are about to collapse into your skull and all you want to do is collapse into a pile of blankets and resurface three days later.This is that stage of tired when you can’t read,can’t walk very well and can’t move because everything seems to be visually distorted and your mind needs a rest just as badly as your weary eyes.If you  are currently in this stage of tired I advise you save reading any more posts fr later and take a long nap. I assure you,my posts will all be here when you  return with restful eyes.

Thank you( Let me know your thought in the comments below.)


-Wishing you the most relaxed of days,Eva

” Me and the pen,we are one. If its ink would cease to flow,my ink would cease to flow.”



I am the author of and am currently working on a book of poems. To find out more check out my about me page as well as my page about my blog and welcome to the ink angels community.

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