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Photographs I love:Shopping Mall,The Cactus Girl and A Walk in the Forest.

390ae14fcc4a2dd2164cd6f99d2b528c This first photograph I am calling  A walk in the forest, because once again I am not aware of its real name or who created it. I fell in love with this photograph because of its mysterious and enchanting undertone that really draw the viewer in. I think many of us lead rather simple and straightforward lives  ,and that is part of the reason why adventure and mystery appeals so easily to us. The position that the young girl is standing in ,looking up at the treetop, is one of the aspects that creates this layer of mystery.It leaves the viewer wondering why she is looking up. What is in the tree? Is there some sort of creature or portal to another world? Secondly, the colors in this picture are stunning. The way the greens and blues melt in the background and contrast the blunt, white color of the girl’s dress, is spectacular. Bravo! To the artists behind this for creative a photo in which you are left wondering who this girl is , wondering where she is and why she is there. The intrigue level of this photo really encapsulates the possibilities of our human imagination.

888ff6e656bf1222cc7d3e33d3bd44ebThis second photo does have a little bit of mystery to it, in that you do not know the identity of the woman. She is concealed mostly behind the cactus  yet is quite vulnerable and exposed because it does not cover her fully.I am not an expert on analyzing photographs but that is the messsage I feel I get when looking at this cactus picture. This message about vulnerability and being exposed in life. It hurts sometimes!It hurts to know that not much of what we do nowadays is private. Anything we do online can somehow be recalled and the things we say in our private text messages are really not so private after all. We live in an age when we are all quite naked to the world and trying to hide rarely does much. It is a prickly matter knowing that life is a very public thing and that there is not much we can do about that.Maybe this photo was just taken because it looks interesting but I think even if photos are not intended to have a meaning that sometimes one can be seen there. I love this photo for that reason,because I find a meaning there that I feel is relevant to my life and to the lives of everybody in this day and age.

012b54bf2ed3f8f492053889bf21ff39Once again, I am not sure of the intended meaning of this photo but unlike the first one I would like to speculate on its meaning rather than just describe the atmosphere of it.The emerald hue of this photo against the clear dresses of the statues on the escalators sets the mood of this piece.This photo takes on an almost eerie and chilling effect because of the uniformity and stillness of the repetitive figures.With their hands in that position ,outwards ,reminds me of someone holding shopping bag.The shopping bag are not present which kind of gives me a ghostly feeling, along with their transparent dresses, and plain,expressionless faces.I kind of get this concept in my mind about shopping and the robotic effect it can have on us sometimes,when I look at this picture.Shopping has this effect on us. It draws us in and soon we become these greedy ,little ,credit card queens, who walk about buying more stuff that we don’t need but we want.Shopping has this almost hypnotic effect on us. Maybe we are all after all just little statues ,stock still on the escalator, trying to get another dress for ourselves… And that is a very chilling thought.

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I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know your thoughts on these pictures in the comments below . If you know the artists or the names of them let me know as well. And if you like these photos check my Pinterest out for more.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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