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Quote Corner

I wanted to put together a new concept for a post that I will try to do a least a couple of times a month, called Quote Corner. The idea is going to be, I will share a quote with you that  I came across in my reading or heard, and then I will leave a few comments containing my thoughts regarding said quote. Mainly though I want this segment to be a very interactive piece. I want this not only to be me spurting off my opinions on something I read but you also responding with your own opinions and ,even if you find it fitting, disputing mine.I think that one of the best ways to learn more about life and our world is to not go into the situation single mindedly. I also just think that one of the most beautiful things about the network of humanity is our common ability to take delight in what we read and to desire to share  it with others so as to bring them the same delight.So I look forward to your feedback, questions,comments and thoughts in the comments below.

“Children forget quickly and without regret,but somehow they rarely lose the forgotten thing. It sinks quietly deep inside them and drifts into the maw of childhood as neatly as a tender new bone into a forming skeleton, and there it stays, as part of the fabric of the Child. “-  From “Off Season” By: Anne Rivers Siddons (pg.36)

I love that quote in and of itself because of the raw beauty in those words. I think that the context of the story itself does make it all the more perfect, but even just taking a look at such a quote outside of context ,can show us a lot about the world.I always think a lot about how adults differ from children. There are the obvious things like height,weight and general awareness and then there are the less clear matters , into which I would categories this quote’s aim. It seems to me, the older we get, the harder it becomes for us to forget…until we become so old that we are once again young, and we forget it all.As children though, we do not let things trouble us for that long before we find our mind occupied by something new.The alarm and anger that may accompany what we see as some deep injustice soon pass and we find ourselves engulfed in some odd joy that only happens during youth.Yet children have this odd way of absorbing everything that happens to them and never really letting t go. You may forget the day your mother wouldn’t let you buy the  plastic tiara at Target when your two, but someday you will recall that story as if it had never left you.I ,however, saw the author as getting at something different, being, growing up itself as the forgetting.Children forget their youth, eventually it just isn’t a part of their mainstream thoughts, but deep down we still have a little bit of our youth, walled away inside of us… And when we are grandparents, hobbling about with out canes it will begin to burst at it’s seams and flood out of the walls. Such intense and glowing things can only be contained for so long.Youth is forgotten easy by children but it never goes away, it defines them, it becomes apart of you, and I believe the unsaid ending of this quote ought to be, it will shine though in the very end.

Thank you,

  • Wishing you the sweetest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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