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My dream last night: Lost in the Home depot

It has been a really long time since I did one of these posts, so I am really glad that I had the perfect dream for this the other night.Let us recline into the labyrinth  of my mind and enter the dreamland I conjured up.

In my dream last night I was with my friend, and my Mom and we were going to the Home Depot to buy a new desk for my room. Everything seemed quite normal until we entered the store and began looking around. Soon we learned that their was a whole new level of stress to trying to find the perfect desk for my room.If you recall the maze in Harry Potter where around every turn there was another obstacle that you had to fight against, well this was kind of like that.As we strode down the aisles that had shower curtains and towel holders ,I was faced with fighting off a rabid squirrel. I am talking the major rabid squirrel type to, not just the  mildly rabid ones.Luckily, I was able to get away without getting rabies or knocking over to many of the shower curtains they had up on display.Then I had a choice to either try and make it through the gauntlet of closing aisle-ways or play football boxes. Now , neither of these sounded very easy to me ,but since I really hate sports, I opted to try the first choice.Turns out this was a terrible decision. I almost died fifteen times. This is where things began to blur in between locations like often happens in dreams.One minute I was running down the aisles trying to get to the end before it closed up and the next I was on a rope bridge in the rain-forest  running towards the end of the severed bridge ( which I have no clue how it was still standing but whatever.)I kept running though the jungle but then it was the middle of the paint section again and the walls were pressing in on my once more.That feeling of how real things are in dreams began to consume me and I shifted around in my sleep, almost waking up a few times as I tried to squeeze through the last narrow opening left in between the aisles.finally I made it out onto the other side where my Mom and my friend were waiting, apparently they ha to do no trials this whole time, which really did not seem fair to me.Then we are just walking through the desk aisle when all the sudden everything becomes jumbled and everything is stacked strange, and we have to climb up and around things. Yet we find things as we go. In the end my friend points out a yellow ,ugly couch which we like and somehow carry to the checkout which is like a drive through at a McDonalds. We buy the ugly couch even though that was not why we were there to begin with and we walk out into the parking lot.All  of the sudden my Dad is there in place of my Mom and we are walking to his minivan. We walk past this truck with toilet paper in it and my Dad nudges me saying , ” That is for the President.” We hurry to the car so we don’t get accused of trying to steal the President’s toilet paper. Then I woke up.

Yeah… I am just as confused as you.

Let me know your thoughts about my strange dream in the comments below.

Thank you

Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva.

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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