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Thoughts on ” Notre-Dame of Paris” By: Victor Hugo

I did not want to do a full on book review for this novel because it is one of those books that I would fail to conjure up the right words for. I did want to try and say some things about it though,mainly what really stuck with me in one of the chapters. I didn’t just want to read such a wonderful book and then walk away alone in my mind with these thoughts. It seemed to me that this is one of those rare but perfect novels in which you must share your thoughts even when you are clueless as to how.I fell in love with the concept of architecture being  taken over by the printing press as the new expressions of human ideas.Or as it was put more directly in the story itself, ” Printing will kill architecture.”The idea of one art ” dethroning another art” really stuck with me because I live and breathe art, and believe that we all live and breath art.Yet I really liked the idea that architecture is a form of art in a way beyond what many  of us consider it. It is living art, where we build our thoughts and our creativity in to the stones, but the printing press came around and killed that. I had never thought of it in that way before and am glad I read something that has changed the way I think about it.

I highly advise if you have never read anything of Hug’s that you pick up this novel and start here then pursue some of his other works. I have always loved reading the things he writes because he has this perfect way of describing life that I wish I had the talent for.

Thank you ( Let me know your thoughts in the comments below)

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

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