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Daily Motivation: What we are versus what we think we are. The Light.

I want to believe that everything that has happened in my life so far is working towards something grand that is yet to happen in my life. But it is hard for me to think of it this way when it seems the greatest things I have accomplished so far are surviving twelve years of school, and trying to be social even when I just want to hide away in the folds of my mind. What is this great thing that I am working towards and why does it feel like I am only going towards a swirling mass of nothing? I often try to make sense of everything and then I become more jumbled, and more questions follow me and I eventually must face them. When I try to answer them though, I fail ,and I am left wondering where I am going and how the things I am doing now will ever get me there. Everyone tells me I should not worry , that I have my whole life ahead of me … But I don’t, life is happening now and I don’t want to throw that time away foolishly wondering what it is I ought to be doing with this time. I still do not know and so am left doing what appears to me as nothing. I still want to move towards that something great so that when I pass I can pass knowing that I did not waste my life, and that I did something to help this world. What is that something then?

I think today’s motivation will shed some light on what that something is,no pun intended,because it is reminder of what we are, the light itself. It is really the recognition of ourselves as the light, a reminder that,though we often think we are darkness ,we really are illuminated beings, that allows us to see clearly what we are to do in our lifetimes. It also allows us to see that our abilities are not limited by our bodies or even our minds but that our bodies and our minds are only vehicles for our spirit ,with which we may do anything. It allows us to understand that through the use of our bodies and mind in actions such as meditation, yoga, and affirmations, we are shining bright and can guide our spirit towards it’s purpose. It was through my recognition as the light that I began to discern these questions within my spirit. Through the aid of meditation that I was able to see the power I held within, and through these recognition that I have begun to slowly make sense of the swirling mass of my life ,that I am centered within. Before I was putting the matter of life and the chaos of everything I thought I had to do before the mind of it all, and my core was off, my Ora was tainted, my energy was askew and my chakras were out of line. I needed to remember that I was not in darkness, nor was I darkness but that I held the light within me and was still on the road to enlightenment myself. I still, of course, have a long way to do, and I still do not claim to know 100% what my life has in store for me. I accept it now though, without the fear of finding myself at a crossroads not sure which direction to go. I now accept the fact that, even when life will provide me with tough decisions to make, I can make them through proper meditation and the blaze of my intuition. I have always been an intuitive but I have not always been willing to trust my intuition.

So if you think that you are in the dark, and you are finding it hard to believe that where you are now will ever get you to your future, and you are bamboozled about what the future is for you. Do not worry. Breathe. Breathing is all we need to do and the rest falls into place. Everything will be okay. Let yourself shine. Be the light. Breathe the light. Beam the light. Channel peace and all will balance itself out in the end.

Thank you,

I hope you found some motivation and helpful reminders in this.

Let me know any thoughts of yours in the comments below.

– Wishing you the brightest of days,


“ Me and the pen, we are one. If it’s ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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