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My dream last night: Emperor Dad

I only remember a rather small sliver of this dream, which is a shame because it is one of those dreams  I wish could somehow be recorded and made into a movie to be re-watched later. I just have to share with you the part that I remember most vividly. In the dream I was a Chinese man, and the dream started through the lens of my eyes, later shifting to me almost watching myself from above. It took place at our farm except for the fact that in the dream our farm was the empire of China, even though it looked exactly the same as it does in real life. A film crew was shooting a live infomercial outside of our house, which was the palace in the dream. It was for some weed killer spray that you apply to your lawn once every week for four weeks straight and then pull the weeds out and they wouldn’t grow back for a year. It was strange though because it felt like I was watching the infomercial as if I was sitting down in front of a TV but, in fact, I was standing off to the side watching it live. Then the man talking about the product, who by the way was the only American in sight, suddenly has his assistant appear, who is Sophia Vergara and she begins to talk about how she uses the product often on her lawn and how she hasn’t seen any thorns since then. The odd part is halfway through her speech about her wonderful lawn she becomes naked, and just acts normal, like it isn’t odd at all to be naked, talking about weed killers on national television. Then the man motions me over, (this is where the perspective changes,) he tells me to take the weeds they pulled up to the national garbage dump and he sets them in a red tarp, which I sling over my back and head in the direction of the dump. The dump apparently was where our feed room is on our farm, so I am starting to head around our shed, past our burn pile to the dump when I see this other man carrying a similar red tarp walking a little ahead of me. He turns and our eyes meet, then all of the sudden we decided to race each other and begin running. He makes it their first and I put my stuff down.


He won but he looks really ticked off and suddenly he runs around the corner and hits The Gong, which apparently is not supposed to be hit unless there are invaders. If The Gong is hit everyone in the empire has 10 seconds to make it to the palace in time or else they are killed. I think the idea behind it probably is supposed to be, you will at least be safe within the palace walls and if your not then you are an invader and are ordered to be put to death. Yet, the logic is clearly flawed. Now 10 seconds is a very short time to get from our feed room to our house, but somehow in the dream I made it and, my dad opens the door. He looks exactly like a Chinese version of my Dad, and I am randomly back to my normal American girl form, yet he welcomes me in. Turns out I am not his daughter in the dream, which is kind of a disappointment because I would of loved to have lived in the palace but I guess we can’t be to picky in our dreams. I am not really sure what to think of this dream other then it was one of those nonsensical, humorous dreams that you really want to hold on to and your not completely sure why. Hope you enjoyed hearing about it though.

Thank you (Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.)

-Wishing you the brightest of days,


“Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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