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Photographs I love: Eggtreme Eggs.

I have a five  photos for you today, though that is a bit of a lie because most of the are in fact paintings.I was shifting through my Art board on Pinterest, trying to decide which pieces I wanted to compile into this post and I gathered these five egg themed pictures. They all have one thing in common, and that is that they have an egg as the focus of the picture but each of them brings a very different tone to the table.


The first picture I have for you today shows a cracked egg with the yoke halfway leaked out and halfway still cradled in the egg. Eggs always remind me of people when they are portrayed like this because we are delicate and can be broken easily, we still need to be cradled by others to feel whole, yet sometimes this is not enough and we let things get out of control.Are no we all just trying to build a tougher shell so that we no longer crumble and feel so exposed. It is a painting of an egg that maybe was not intended to hold such a message but I think that, never the less , it is a excellent portrayal of the human condition.


The second picture I have for you is just the empty shell of an egg, separated in two halves against a black background. I like this panting for its simplicity and naturalness. When I look at this painting I begin to think of how simple yet complex nature really is. That egg itself is a very complex thing when it comes down to it, yet nature is able to produce such complex things  so simply. Looking at the white egg against the dark background, it seems that we live in a world of high complexity, that is to simple for us to really comprehend.


The third photo I have for you today  shows an egg being broken midair and the yoke slowly starting to fall to the ground.What I personally love about this photo is that you can still distinguish the shell, from the whites, from the yoke, yet they are all still connected as one. This photo is ,in an essence, is  capturing the beginning of a separation.I can’t really pinpoint what, in regards to something outside of the egg itself, the picture could be metaphorical seeing as describing the separation of but I like the fact that there is this idea of something that is whole, yet distinguished in parts… in the act of becoming broken into those parts physically. It is quite an interesting way of seeing the egg, in this middle stage, this state we don’t think about when we tap the egg against the side of the bowl.


The fourth picture I have  for you today is similar to the first in many respects, but that I think I see it as more of our need to protect some secret part of ourselves against the world. The things of this world will always knock at the shells we build, they may crack into them, they may leave us feeling the wind blowing against part of us, but we humans have become quite good at hiding what we truly believe we need to hide.


Last, my never the least, I have a very different picture for you then the rest of the ones  I had for you today.The ideas of the yoke being the sun and the whites of the eggs being the last bit of water, pooled as the tide leaves is a very unique and brilliant application of the egg to life one a grander scale. I love this painting for that surrealism and dream like quality but also because if you do look outside on a day, near the beach, you really can draw together a similar mental image. It is very down to earth and other wordy all at once.

Let us congratulate these artists as always on there wonderful work.

Thank you for reading, leave your comments and thoughts below.

-Wishing you the brightest of days, Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”







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