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What is the deal with 3 second hugs?

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On average most hugs last 3 seconds, and in my personal experience with hugs, they can often be awkward to begin with. I think part of it has to do with the fact that we don’t hug people as often as we used to, both as a society but also as we grow into adulthood. As children we readily accept the outward signs of love and affection people have to offer us even from those we are not utterly familiar with. Hugs are what we give our parents when we say goodnight and before we run off into our daycare. Hugs, when you are a child, are not only a signature of love but also an exclamation that we trust the person we are hugging, even if it is often blindly.Part of the reason I think we hug less as adults is because we have this idea in our heads that hugs are reserved for those close to us. It is okay to hug a parent, a close friend or a spouse but to hug a co-worker after you see the upset or just even as a farewell is … peculiar and maybe even in some cases thought of as harassment. But why? Why if both parties accept this outward sign of accepting and responding to the humanity and beauty of another human being, do we shy away from hugging so often?And when we do give into the beauty of hugging, why do most only last approximately three seconds, even when they are with somebody we regard as a close companion? Studies have show that by holding a hug for more then 20 seconds, it start to produce good effects on the body… If you are not compelled to hug people for communication and loving reasons, would not at least want to for the well-being of your body?I have felt this healing in a more spiritual way with one of the best huggers I have ever met, my friend, who I am lucky enough to share a name with, Eva . Her hugs have always had this renewing quality to them. I know for a fact hug therapy ought to be an official thing.I also did some research, and while my little bit of research does not prove that there are no cases of deaths related to a loving embrace of the arms, my research showed no results. In conclusion: Hugging is actually really good for you, it hasn’t killed anyone, and is a blazing sign of human peace and affection… So we ought to hug more. And NO MORE 3 SECOND HUGS!!!!!!! Hugging is loving.

-Wishing you the most hug filled of days, Eva

” Me and the pen,we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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