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Photographs I love: Tv Land.

This trio of pictures all carry relatively the same message ,which is worth a lot of food for thought ,though I am surly not trying to tell anyone to go out a permanently destroy your televisions.It happens to be that there is a lot we can take from this pictures though that are good reminders for us to keep close to our hearts within the journey of our daily lives.


With this first photograph that main argument against watching television everywhere comes to light. it causes us not not think and to learn the habit of not thinking: It turns your brain to mush.I think to some extent it truly does, and one of the reasons for this is it’s addictive quality, which I will get into with the second photo. However, I think the main problem with TV can also be demonstrated through this photo which shows the two younger children planted in-front of the screen.I think the main problem is younger and younger we find ourselves draw in by this screen in-front of us and we begin less and less to focus on the nature and the world within and around us. We forget that life is so much more then cartoons and action films, life is not confined to the limits of some man made contraption and as soon as we begin too teach the youth that it is, we let the earths future fall even more into the clutches of a generation that thinks a box full of pictures and sounds will think for them, and love for them, and make decision for them and that it will make them laugh more then the other misguided humans around them. The solution is really to not only properly make sure we are aware of this but to also limit the amount we expose our youth to it, to the extent that they are aware that there are other and more fruitful things on this rotation of life.


The second photo with the eerie image of he hand extended within the TV box made me think of how addictive TV can be. I interpreted this in two ways from this pictures. First,the hand within the TV can be more about how it pulls us in and we are trapped. We try to reach out. We tap against the screen but it will not budget. The hand is extended trying to escape, but not we are in TV land and we cannot leave.Secondly,it can be thought of as the hand reaching out to us and reeling us in. The drug in the system, trying to make us take another dose. This is what the net-workers try to do, find new ways to get you hooked. Inherently binge watching on Net-flex isn’t evil but it erases the desire for more rich things fro out lives. The drug takes over and we find ourselves intensely malnourished of the things we need to survive. We grow limp. Yet we are happy. We believe taking that drug is really what is best for us. Lacking a balanced diet we become frail and we begin to fade into the backdrop. TV is addictive and it is a path you don’t want to go down if you want a rich mind. Drugs drain your wallet. They deplete your body. And they destroy your mind.



I don’t think we need to dump out TVs in lakes and watch them sink to the depths,cheering that we have overcome to glare of brainwashing and addiction but I think  this photo can also speak for a different kind of TV elimination.I have never really been a big TV person myself so I understand for me this may be easy to say, maybe I don’t full understand those of you who love TV but I am going to take a stab at this anyway. If you are a  Tvoholic, here is my idea:Watch what stirs something truly deeply in your soul at least everyday. If you are not the type to read or live in a more truth seeking way, find it in a way that you enjoy and that speaks to you. You can still watch other things but explore and find things that strike a harmonious note somewhere deep within you. Then you can keep your TV and not throw it in a lake.

Let me know your thoughts on these pictures in the comments below.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen,we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”




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