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Book Review “A Criminal Magic” By:Lee Kelly

I wanted to read this book because it looked like the type of book that I would not be into. I was right. I know that logic is very flawed but I am still glad I engaged with this novel. If  I had not I would not of been able to think about magic’s dark side like  I did.I personally think this  book was a five but that is only because  I am not really into books that seem to fantasy. I like magic but I like really earthly,human magic. This felt to far fetched for me. Never the less, I did enjoy reading it and it gets really intense quickly and that is about when you begin to think about the difference between good magic and dark magic.What are the costs of love when gangsters and money and family are in play? How far will you go to protect the ones you love? Will you use evil to do good? Is that truly possible? Can good magic do dark things and dark magic be for the greater good? These are all questions that the book makes you ponder, and it is important to think about these things because they can be applied to daily life in a different manner.Morals are morals, even if in this story they revolved around the use of magic and the power of control.We still have to battle these issues in life , even if we are not sorcerers trying to get by in life.Lee Kelly may not have written a book that I would want to pick up again but she did write a book that made me think a lot about circumstances and morals, and there connections and because of that this was a book that was worth my time to read.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

Let me know your thoughts on this book and/or any books you would like me to read and review in the comments below.

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