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Daily Motivation: Growth.

That dreaded day when you step into the doctors office and find out that you are the same height as the year before. ” I have stopped growing,” you cry, ” now everyone else is going to grow until they tower over me and I will remain the same height and be known as short from now on.”The fact is though that we never really stop growing. Though on day our doctor may tell us so, they forget that now that our body is done growing we can get to the core important kind of growth, inner.This growth is what really ends up  mattering because you can be six feet tall and a total jerk or three feet tall and a total brat. Height and the topic of physical growth are nothing compared to inner growth, which can only happen as we live. This growth can be good or a bad growth, and has everything to do with the way we lead our lives.


This is important to keep in mind at all times because when we approach a big decision to be made we are aware that whatever we chose will ultimately grow us in one way or another. Yet it also brings greater comfort in life when we slip into a  wrong turn and we find that we are at a place in our lives that we do not really wish to be. We can now do whatever is possible to change that yet still look at that point in out lives and know that is helped grow us. And when we reach the end of the road and we face death, we know that we are the person that we are because of all of the trails, tribulations and interactions we had to go through. If we are not afraid to live then we will be the tallest people out there, in out inner lives. To go through life no living leaves the word life without a definition. Live,not a little, but everyday, each and every moment.Everything you go through, grows you. So let us touch the stars with the hairs on out heads. Let us not be afraid to grow.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Thank you a always for reading.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen,we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”




I am the author of and am currently working on a book of poems. To find out more check out my about me page as well as my page about my blog and welcome to the ink angels community.

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