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Book Review ” I know this much is true” By: Wally Lamb

I know this much is true about ” I know this much is true.” It is a book that will make you cry and a book that will make you curl your fist in anger, but it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever picked up. A ten on my scale and a must read. This is one of those brooks that I would put on my top twenty books to take with me if my house caught on fire and I only had time to pick up twenty books.I look forward to reading more of what Mr. Lamb has written because I found myself so encapsulated by the humanity in his writing, the way it just seems so human…. All of it; The good, the bad, and the twisted.Writing like the writing that Lamb has displayed in ” I know this much is true,” is the type of writing that I want to someday bring forth to the world. Writing that just happens and is in and of itself.Writing that not only inspires but also causes one to reflect on the roller-coaster that is life; To speculate on the joys and odd sorrows of life and to grieve and to grieve as life continues in the face of extreme sadness. It is writing like this that I latch onto and want to remember for the rest of my life. It is books like this that make me understand how human diversity and the relationships we have will curve our life in one way or another,and that it is all a lot more important then some would first speculate.

In ” I know this much is true,” Dominick , the identical twin of Thomas Birdsey who is a schizophrenic shares with you in his tragedies and struggles to live his life, intertwined yet separate from Thomas. And as you walk along with them both, you feel almost like a twin of one of them the the other, as you feel the hurts they feel and burn with the same anger they are aflame with.How can Dominick have a life separate from Thomas, when he promised their dying mother that he would look after him? How does he face a life after losing his wife and watching his brother be taken away into the state hospital? And most importantly how do we continue life in the face of grief? How do we move on when we are apart from some part of ourselves?

Though I don’t have a twin and do not know anyone directly who suffers from schizophrenia I still hurt when Dominick hurt and cried as Thomas cried.I was able to understand things like having a twin, that I am not partaking of because of the emotion, truth and life of the words that Lamb wrote. When a book is able to do that for you, you know that you can travel anywhere,see and do anything and understand people in a way even interacting with those people may not even allow you to. That was the real gem of this book, its ability to do that for the reader.

I hope that if you walk away from reading this in need of a book to read that you pick this book up and at least give it a try.There  is a lot of hate and bigotry and misunderstanding in our world, and it often seems at points in this book that that hate and bigotry will win… The question is, not only in the book, but also in our daily lives, will we let it win? I want to say that we would all answer no to that question, but I know that there are a lot of people out there who haven’t really comes to terms with the fact that even when it is hard, we have to do all in our power to trump the evil. We have to stomp out the wickedness and hate in  our world, and a lot of doing this goes along with trying to understand things that we may not naturally understand. Maybe be just reading even… Maybe if I understand Thomas Birdsey for example, maybe then I won’t be afraid of people like him. And it has always worked that way for me. I guess I am not afraid of many people now. I’m only afraid of those few people who really can hurt me, and there are only a handful out there that I know really could.In the end you can break my bones, and throw words at me but that won’t really hurt me… And I guess I gained that all from this need to understand, which just lead me about until I somehow understood. 

So as you go out and read this book or even if you choose not to, take this with you. Let this be your question to ponder: What is it that you don’t understand that is causing you fear, pain,anger or hate? And how can you learn to understand and rid yourself of that curse?If you so wish to even leave a comment about it below.

-Thank you as always for reading.

Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen,we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”




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