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Word Origins: Butter.

I wanted to start a new segment where I discuss the little bit I know about the origins of words both common and rarely used, and shed some light on the very things that compose our everyday life. I got this idea back when I did my first clutter post and did some research on its word origin. It really is fascinating to look at how words are used over time, and where they sprang up from. For today’s post I wanted to keep is casual with something we all love to spread on a piece of bread or watch sizzle in the skillet before grilling a sandwich…Butter!

Where does the word butter originate from?

Butter originates from  a mixture of Old English, Latin and Greek (  bous tyros aka cow cheese ), has an earliest known use dating back to 1000.Just think even those ancient Greeks really craved a good cow cheese snack. I think saying it that way sounds both disgusting but more interesting at the same time, maybe I will start using those terms.Since the year 1000, the word butter become a common everyday word and so to has the substance it labels become common.Though today the word butter in on a pretty level usage rate that it has been since early 2K, it is really about the same place it was when it first became widely used in the 1800 , though drastically lower then it was  in the 1950’s.

There you have it some things to think about regarding the word butter.

Thanks for letting me the butter on your bread in the day. Let me know any questions or comments below.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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