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Dream but don’t forget to wake.

Dream but don’t forget to wake when you hit the pavement. I am a rather positive person, though I don’t believe in either optimism or perfectionism. I am a dreamer and I am all for dreaming and  aspiring to be whatever we truly are. Yet, this post may seem like a more negative post.It really is easy for me to sit here and spew off about being positive , about the importance of dreaming and following those dreams . This post is hard for me to do yet I understand that I must do it especially for my own sake. Sometimes we need to remember to wake up and this is not to sulk in the face of failed dreams but to establish new dreams and aspire to those. I guess there ought to be some light at the end of the tunnel in that at least.The usual reaction to a failed dream is that we either did something wrong or worse that dreaming all together leads us to believe in things impossible for us to accomplish. The second is not true in the slightest bit and the first usually is in some sense. We failed, something went wrong and yes it did involve us but that never means the reason our dream failed was 100% our fault though it can sometimes be so. The problem with either of these ways of thinking about it is they often lead to turning away from the beauty of forming dreams and pursuing them. Instead, they ought to act as constructive criticism and help us to form more dreams or to hone in  on a certain dream.Sometimes when we fail at attaining what we dream of it really is just a sign to go at it again… But if we never had that moment of waking up when we hit the pavement then we would not know how to work harder at that dream, or how to establish more dreams. And that is a nightmare.

Dream and dream big.

Yet remember life is awakening to more possibilities than we could ever dream up.

Thank you for reading my post, which I linked to the Daily Post Prompt for today. Thanks for the inspiration: Dreams.

Check it out over there to read other authors great posts. I did there is some really great stuff.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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