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Summer Plans.

Last day of school ,everyone is discussing their summer plans and listing off all of the exotic paces they are going. I sit there thinking about what my summer plans are. I sit wondering why I seem to feel really repelled by the idea of even having plans over the summer. It is free time after all so why sit around restricting yourself to plans, why not just go with the flow? Why do we ever create plans for ourselves is a bigger concept but when it  comes to the prospect of relaxations and adventure, why do we put it all onto a sheet of paper, a list, a pamphlet and little booklet tucked away in our suitcase? Where has the spontaneity and enjoyment of seeing the world and enjoying all it has to offer gone?

This summer my family is planning a trip to New York and surrounding states ,though I can’t help but not feel as excited about it all as I would have thought I was going to be. The whole planning process is necessary to some extent if we want to be able to see the Statue of Liberty up close for example. Yet, by planning ahead of time and restricting ourselves to this schedule that we have painted out ,we are not leaving any room for the randomness of life that is the salt of any great adventure.I guess in thinking about the trip I have just began to think of how dull and monotonous it is going to seem in comparison to the unknown adventures it could have in store if we only went off the books.

Then I look at the rest of my summer and I don’t have many other plans, yet it still seems that I have found it necessary to plan sections of time to set aside in case of plans.It doesn’t even feel like summer to me anymore and perhaps that is because when you get older and are always working and checking things off of invisible lists, you never really have time to jump around in mud puddles or waste time staring at the stars.Maybe, it doesn’t feel like summer because I made summer plans and now that is just another obligation I must complete rather then free time I could be enjoying now that I finally have a lot more free time to read.

I think I know who came up with the concept of summer plans, and whispered it into out ears. Perhaps winter eager to do anything to get us to resent the warmth and idleness of summertime. Or more likeliness perhaps our fast paced, get things done by the deadline culture.I guess it doesn’t really matter which it was because if you find yourself restricted by summer plans and refuse to let this culture dictate how you live your life then you”ll be fine. You will take it slow and enjoy your carefree summer. Summer plans? Throw them out the window!

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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