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My experience reading Harry Potter.

Up until now I was one of those people who hadn’t read Harry Potter while it seemed everybody around me had read them at least three times and was subtly referencing them 24/7. It was partly peer pressure in the best way possible and partly my own curiosity that made me decided to give it a go and read the whole series. Well, today I finished that endeavour and wanted to do a post on what it was like for me diving into a book that was so popular and yet very unappealing to me.I am not the type of person who likes reading books with magic in them. I think there is enough magic in the world as it is and that it can be seen better that way. So Harry Potter really was not the type of book I looked forward to reading and it was with hesitation that I picked the first book up. The first three books were really slow for me. I didn’t find them very eventful and I was just hoping that soon the series would pick up the pace.The fourth book was better, though tragically I knew a lot of its plot because  I remembered  a lot  from seeing the movie.It really was not until I read the fifth ,and my favorite book in the series , that I enjoyed reading them and the process went fast. It was magic but also in a way that one can relate to and I started to fall in love with the characters. I cried when Sirus died. And then in book six I cried when Dumbledore died as well.It seemed odd to me crying over these characters deaths when I had always been the person to scowl at others getting so attached and emotional to the characters. And as I put down book seven , I just felt relieved that at last the emotions of the books were done and I could move on a different book. I didn’t fall in love and become a crazed Harry Potter fan but Dumbledore’s profound quotes and the depth in some of the books will stick with me. I am glad that I tried enjoying all of the books and that I really did enjoy the last three books.I would advise that even if you are like me and don’t see Harry Potter as the type of book you would enjoy reading: Read it. Not to be like everyone else or the understand the odd inside jokes people say but to test a different type of book out, to find wisdom where you least expect it and if nothing else to mock the strange actions of the characters.

-Wishing you the brightest  of days,Eva

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