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Photographs I love: Tears.

We all have been there, feeling isolated and lonely and wanting to curl up into a ball and just weep for ten hours straight. We all have also had moments of uncontainable joy that burst forth from our eyes and creates tiny streams on our cheeks. We have had moments where we laugh so hard that our eyes overflow with tears. We have had moments when we were told to be strong and quit crying. In the end ,we all have cried in some form or another and when we look at a picture of tears we can feel because we know what it feels like to be so human  and to feel so deeply that it seeps out of you. In the end,our bodies were not meant to contain our spirits like that and sometimes they just need to escape and cleanse us from the pain we are feeling or intensify the joy we are experiencing. These three pictures that I have for you today each demonstrate that  humanity pools in our eyes in very different ways.



I wanted to start small and simple but don’t let this simple photograph fool you, it speaks millions.The delicate and sorrow condensed tear that rests on the tip of her lash is the tear of somebody who is tired. This appears to be not the tears streaming down the face of somebody in great despair but rather the tears of somebody who is tired of trying to be somebody or do something that never seems to make an impact. I see sadness and deep pain in this picture ,but like the brightness in the background of the picture ,I also see the promise of hope and healing ahead.With great pain sometimes comes the moment we realize how to heal ourselves. We break but when our bones reset we are stronger than before.


I really just wanted to share this photograph with  you because I love its message. A lot of people think it isn’t “manly” to cry and I really don’t think that is true. To see a man cry is one of the most touching and heartbreaking things all at once. It shows he is willing to let himself feel his emotions without fear of society’s eyes and that he loves deeply.Yet, I would not say it is wrong to admit that girls tend to cry more often. Note it doesn’t mean we feel more or care more then men do I think it rather speaks to men’s ability to sponge it all up versus ours to let it out then approach it. Neither is right or wrong and of course it really just varies from person to person but I think this photograph shows a couple of those key points.

  • Men cry to and it is beautiful, natural and yet heart-shattering when they do.
  • Women do tend to overflow with their tears more, men just show their emotions differently more often. Hence ,the girls tear bottle being slightly but not greatly bigger.Though I think also if there were not so much stigma against men crying in particular then they would not be so afraid to feel outwardly in that way as well.
  • Both tear bottles appear to have fairy dust and feathers in them because tears are made from feelings and beautiful things even when they are in response to great horrors and unbelievable hardships. We cry in these times to cleanse ourselves with the magic in our tears.


ff02c1bc15728b673a19095dd23f0bf2  The third picture I have for you today reminds me of loss.Perhaps it all still seems quite unreal and the tears knowingly seep but they see slow. In the end, however, you are surrounded by a pool of your own grief.Yet again ,though ,I see a hint of golden in this picture which offers hope on the horizon.The hope that not all is loss just some part of you and to restore it and find it again is to come to terms with the tragedy of loss and the truth that when we truly love nobody is ever far from us.

In all these pictures I am struck by the beauty of tears but also pained by the truth that they often speak of: We will hurt. We do hurt. And it hurts to hurt.

Love heals.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”






I am the author of and am currently working on a book of poems. To find out more check out my about me page as well as my page about my blog and welcome to the ink angels community.

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