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Book Review ” When I Forgot” By:Elina Hirvonen (Part 1)

I read this book in a day. Though it is a shorter book and quick read, it is far from empty of emotion and meaning, This book made me cry and cry deeply. Sometimes when you read a book like this you just understand the weight of human sorrow in the world, and that alone is enough to make you weep.I have never been in the situation of having to carry the weight of a siblings life on my own shoulders but I do know the feeling of wanting to protect them, of wanting to have things be like they once were.I also know the feeling of watching the pain in the world seem to expand until it dares to choke you. Standing on the sidelines like Anna, the main character, it is easy to wonder if anything we ever do will lift away the scars. We see scars everywhere. We see the scars of human hatred in the middle of a city once the icon of the American dream. We see those same scars on the arms and wrists of people victims of hate and victims of things beyond their control. Like Anna ,we want to step in to wipe away that blood and that terror of what is to come. Like the peace demonstrations in the book we want to carry the banner high and proclaim peace AND see results.It never really seems to be that easy though.There is heartbreak in our world today and I think we all cna see it. Many of us may be trying to live our lives and not let the fear of it all consume us. I get that. It is real. Unfortunatly ,it is all very real.I too am afraid that if I sleep to long or stray to far from what I deem safe then I might wake to a world of utter decay. I am not ready to forget though. I think that is what terrorists ,and on a simpler level ,schoolyard bullies count on.They think that in the face of all the hate they are filling the world with that we will forget there is such a thing as love. They think that we will forget that behind their wall of weapons and slanderous words there still blooms rows and rows of banners in the wind proclaiming peace.They are the ones who have forgotten. They have forgotten that we have and always will have the greater weapon: LOVE. I fear like I have always feared, that something will happen to the ones I love and to out planet and humanity as a whole. I fear that evil and hatred might wake me up one night and tell me that one of my loved ones is hurt and dying and that I like Anna am seemingly helpless. When Anna met Ian and they talked about their pasts, they did so with love. They were able to heal. When Anna took care of her brother she did so with love, and they began to heal. Yes, they all walked away with scars.  Their country, the world, their hearts ,and their bodies were riddled with scars…BUT  they were no longer bleeding.I think that is why it was so easy for me to read and to cry while reading. It really does hit home especially with everything going on in the world right now and while I don’t really think the book itself focused so much on the whole renewal part it definitely was there. I really would recommend this book  especially in the face of today’s conditions. It is sad and heart-wrenching but is offers hope for both the individual and our world as a whole.This book, a ten on my scale,gets at the core of what is means to hurt and to heal.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



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