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Book Review ” Life of Pi” By: Yann Martel

I am really excited to do this post today because I know that there are a lot of you out there who might have seen the movie but not read the book yet and are wondering how the book compares to the movie. I myself saw the movie about a year ago and wasn’t a huge fan of it so I was skeptical as to how I would enjoy the book. Yet, the book having won the Man Booker Prize and being a national bestseller, I thought I ought to give it a go.  I am glad I took the time to pick it up and read it because I loved every page  of it. That is why I rate this book a ten on my scale.What was it that I loved about this book?

I loved the way nature, and what we have done in separating ourselves from that nature, become one again. When we think of humanity we often compile this concept that we are not animals but are higher and above those vast arrays of species that still run mainly on their instincts. And while we have developed in ways that other species have not, I have always thought that we have merely taken a different path but that does not imply that we are necessarily further. If you look at the way we act and construct society, etc… etcc.. it still closely resembles the networks that many animals also have established. In the end, it seems that many forget, homo sapiens is just another species amongst the plethora and abundance of life.When I read ” Life of Pi” , I saw the animalisticness of humans shining through in Pi’s need to survive but I also saw the almost human-like ways of some of the animals, an example from the mouth of Pi himself, Orange Juice the orangutan.The book was named ” Life of Pi”, but I think it could just as easily been named any number of things including:” Life” , or ” Survival of the fittest”. In a sense, that is what this book was getting at, in my opinion, this distinction between animals and humans is not as defined as  we think it is. Rather, in the end, it comes down to establishing dominance and survival of the fittest. The fact that both Richard Parker and Pi lived through the entire period of time at sea is something we may find hard to believe but when you look at the survival structure it all becomes a little more believable. Even though it was Pi who did the fishing and most of the providing for Richard Parker we see that it was out of fear and the need to instill in Richard Parker reliance on Pi himself that he did this.I think that this book can be read in so many different lights that it is hard for me to hone in on what it  really was grasping at all together.This is one of the books that I believe will bring something new to the table every time it is read and so I hope that I am luckily enough to have to time to read it again in my lifetime.So if you are one of those people who have not yet read this book then I highly recommend you go and read it for yourself and see what yu draw forth from its depths.Let me know your own thoughts in the comments below.And Thank you as always for reading and sharing.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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