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My Lantern.


There is a saying that goes : May the bridges you burn light the way.I think I identify closely with this phrase myself because in times when we find ourselves isolated,facing a wall of fire we need more than ever to find a reason to stay positive.Sometimes we come to a time in our lives when we know we must severe the ties we have so painstakingly fought to keep. I have recently been battling with a big case of this myself and in trying to be brave and watch the fire blaze higher I reminded myself of this. When the fire finally dies down and all that is left are ashes between my side and the other side I will have lost my lantern but as it burns I might as well take that to my full advantage and let it light my way. Move forward. It is always about moving forward and not dwelling on the fact that the bridge is burning. The bridge is burning but I have light. The bridge is burning but I now can see clearly where it is I really want to go. I channel that fire’s power to my full advantage and I allow that which once seemed to be a sad and horrifying sight to become a guiding and saving light.It is rather unorthodox but sometimes when we seem lost anything can become our lantern.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. This post is connected to the Daily Posts prompt for today ,so go check other great posts out there as well.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”



I am the author of and am currently working on a book of poems. To find out more check out my about me page as well as my page about my blog and welcome to the ink angels community.

6 thoughts on “My Lantern.

  1. For some reason I have this notion that good poetry sounds like a story and good stories sound like poetry. Well, this post is beautifully poetic. I really like your writing style. 🙂


    1. To hear that you love ny writing style and consider it good means a lot to me. And this is why I enjoy blogging when I first had doubts about if I would fit into the blogoshpere.thank you for your feedback and from my heart for reading.

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    1. I am so touched that my post was able to be a simple reminder for you and it means a lot to me that I am able to help others even in the simplest of ways. Thank you for reading.


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