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My dream last night :Dinner Drama.

It has been so long since I did this segment and I am lucky that I had a dream last night that I think will work. It is hard to find a dream that I remember enough of, isn’t too odd, and not to confusing to share with you.I am calling this one ” Dinner Drama” and I think you will see why rather quickly.

It all starts rather normal. I was supposed to meet my mom and some friends at a restaurant for dinner. I am on my way when I get side tracked at a grocery store , trying to buy some tea. Oddly enough, that same grocery store is where I am supposed to meet them, to my surprise there is a restaurant in the back corner.The strange thing is we don’t sit down and start ordering. Instead, we get up and  start walking to the bathrooms. I ask my mom why we are all marching to the bathrooms when I thought we were planning on eating here. Her reply is, ” We haven’t gotten to the restaurant we are going to yet.” At this point, I am really hoping that wherever we are going to eat at is not to far away and I am still wondering why we are going to the bathrooms. We enter the bathrooms, which look tiny from outside, but is never ending once we are within.Mom immidtely rushes forward to a toliet stands in  it and cries ” Flush Me!” Down she goes as I stand astonished. One after another people enter a stall and do the same, disappearing within seconds.I feel clueless and embarrassed that I have no idea what is happening while everybody around me seems to know. I turn to the guy standing next to me and ask him. He chuckles, ” Yeah it is all part of the challenge. Here let me help you.” Together we stand in one of the toilets and then we are spinning down  and out. We land on a mat, still dry somehow, but shivering. I look around we are on the side of a mountain and if I had landed only a foot over I owuld of fallen off of the side.My mom is nowhere in sight, and I begin to  wonder if I have been kidnnaped. Until I looked ahead and see a course of ropes strung out over the side of the mountain onwards. I notice my mom among others holding onto these ropes and spider crawling her way downwards towards a platform. ” Well you are next,” he says nudging me towards the first rope. ” Ummm….” I gulp. ” This is not really what I had in mind when my mom asked me to dinner. Maybe I will just pass.” The man gasps, ” Dinner, no this is part of a challenge, You signed the waver for this game. You can’t just pass.Now don’t fall or your our for this round and lose points. Hurry along. Everyone else is waiting.” Apparently this was enough to convince me so I start climbing and make it barely a foot over the edge, dangling from this rope before I fall. I don’t even know how but I land on a soft mat, even though I was clearly over the edge already. They drag me to sit on this bench , which also appeared out of nowhere. I’m sitting and watching the rest of the climbers most of which last way longer than I did. We are no longer on the side of a mountain though but the side of a building, looking out over a city line. My mom just reached the platform in the middle of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers.From here, I only remember falling really fast, like on those amusement park rides with the sudden drop. Except I landed in this random guy’s arms and he fed me a chocolate bar. I know! Dream guy! 

When I woke I was seriously afraid to ever even consider going to eat dinner with anyone every again.

Thanks as always for reading.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow.”




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