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Photographs I love: Two sides to every story.

It is well  known that there are always two sides to every story, two perspectives on every situation and two, unique and individual ways of looking at every photograph. Actually, that isn’t really so true after all. In the end, it is more like there are infinite ways of seeing every story, situation and photograph. There is definitely something beautiful in this in and of itself; The fact that we can look upon the same thing huddled close together and all see something completely different. Or is it that we are all actually  experiencing and living in totally different worlds while we stand right next to each other. I can’t really say because I know that however I conclude it , thousands of people will see a different side to the whole question. Kind of like these  three photos, which are all very mysterious and are definitely the type of photos that rotate around a lot of speculation. I am going to share my view and try and see some other possible views as well. That is why I lvoe to hear back from you guys about your own perspectives as well, because as they say and I have corrected, there are infinite sides to every story.


First, I have this photograph of a raven holding a pink balloon. What do you think of this picture. The words that pop into my head are mysterious, eerie ,and growing up.Mostly, growing up… Because the pink colour and significance of the balloon reminds me of youth, and childhood ,and laughter echoing off of messy ,playroom walls.The balloon however is so greatly overpowered by the dim grey of the background and the stark blackness of the raven that overall this picture seems sad and forlorn.The balloon is being pulled away by the bird , that could perhaps represent adulthood. It is a tug of war between  adulthood and youth and the bird, bigger and stronger is ultimately going to win as it always does with everyone. That is why this photo is so sad to me because I see a the happy echo of youth fading, being drown out by the tug of adulthood. Even the balloon is a faded pink, slowly forgetting the finger painting and splashing in mud puddles was a perfect way to spend a day.There is a sunny side to growing up though, but I really don’t think this picture wants to focus on that. To sum up my view of this picture, I think it is saying , ” Youth is light and cheery but eventually we must all be weighed down, youth is also fleeting.”

f654c0d0bc0a94fa4d22c60fe3fe6c51 With this picture, I see a storm cloud whirling into a glass which seems a little unsteady resting  upon a table.When I see this I think of how grand a vast the sky is, and how giant that storm must be compared to a tiny glass on a picnic table.In makes me think of how even the bigger things which often seem to infintely far from us touch us greatly. How a storm can fill our humble water glass to the brim or how somebody else’s pain can swallow us whole. This can be a analogy for anything really that affects us but often doesn’t really seem to be something we ourselves are coping with.The storm-glass effect  is all around us… I guess most people call it the ripple effect or the butterfly effect but I really think this picture almost says it better. Because it is not just that you are being touched by what happens to others but sometimes it literally gets inside of you and takes root. It is almost a deeper manifestation of the ripple effect.


c62a46c5b38287b67bfff85055dc3f45This last picture that I have for you is very different from the others. It seems so much simpler in its message: That we may all put up barriers but some people are inevitable going to see through them. Yet, I can see how this might be the photo out of the three that raises the most diverse interpretations

What are your thoughts?

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

” Me and the pen, we are one. If its ink would cease to flow, my ink would cease to flow. “




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