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Book Review ‘ A Spool of Blue Thread’ By: Anne Tyler

The bond that connects families together is often tested, stretched, and broken  like a string of thread but the memories that are shared and cherished by those members do not fray or snap apart like a spool of blue thread.Although that was not the main focus of this book, I found it was something definitely buried within the storyline.Reading Anne Tyler’s book I could not help but bring to light the memories and relationship of my own family. Sprawled out in different states and cities yet still deeply connected and social. Yet, we have in our family a Denny. In some ways, we also have an Abby in our family and a Red and so on and so forth. In conclusion all families are very unique and different but also follow the same pattern and same networking. There will always be struggles and sadness, loss and rebirth… etc… etc.. Some families can’t even trace themselves back very far, like Red’s. Other families seem ashamed of their past and so cover it up. Then there are those like Denny who love their family deeply but are often moving about not really in communication with it ,and those like Stem who are brought into a family not by blood but by love.If you are looking for a novel that dives deep into the depths of families being built and torn down, this is that book. Tyler shows us what it means to be family, what it means to lose family and what it really means to choose and create your own family and most importantly that none of this ever comes easy.

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