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Song Analysis ‘Cigarette Duet’ By: Princess Chelsea

I stumbled across Princess Chelsea and her music while shifting through music on youtube. This was the first song I came across and to this day is my favorite.The unique and calming tone of the song with its sad twang is just what is sounds like, a sing songy conversation between a couple about smoking. From the lyrics below you can get an idea of the back and forth conversation like melody of the song but to get the full effect I recommend watching and listening to the music video linked below in blue.

Cigarette Duet

It’s just a cigarette and it cannot be that bad
Honey don’t you love me and you know it makes me sad?
It’s just a cigarette like you always used to do
I was different then, I don’t need them to be cool

It’s just a cigarette and it harms your pretty lungs
Well it’s only twice a week so there’s not much of a chance
It’s just a cigarette it’ll soon be only ten
Honey can’t you trust me? When I want to stop I can

It’s just a cigarette and it’s just a Marlboro Light
Maybe but is it worth it if we fight?
It’s just a cigarette that I got from Jamie-Lee
She’s gonna get a smack and I’m gonna give you three

There is not much commentary needed with this song but I did want to say a few things. I think that this speaks for itself in that a lot of people struggle with loved ones over smoking. We want what is best for them. We don’t want them to be harming their ” pretty  lungs” but it is hard to dig in your heels and keep fighting over something that may seem so small. As at the end of the music video you can get some stats on how badly cigarette smoking can affect relationships. This song is definitely made to make you think about some of the lesser known effects of smoking.

[Both, at the same time]
Her: It’s just a cigarette and I only did it once
Him: It’s just a cigarette it will soon be only ten)
Her: It’s only twice a week so there’s not much of a chance
Him: It’ll make you sick so there’s not much of a chance)
Her: It’s just a cigarette and I’m sorry that I did it
Him: It’s just a cigarette, you’ll be sorry that you did it)
Honey can’t you trust me? When I want to stop I can

Let me know your thoughts on this songs lyrics, video and my posts in the comments below. Plus any ideas on songs you want me to check out and do a post on. Thank you.

-Wishing you the brightest of days,Eva

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